PUBG Mobile Patch 2.0: Full notes and updates

The Livik map is finally leaving the beta stage to get a complete release with new features.

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Tencent has released Patch 2.0 into PUBG Mobile. The new update has added the official Livik map with new weapons and a vehicle, upgrades to Cheer Park, and much more to the game.

The game can now be updated through the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Players who update it before May 17 will get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and an Ultimate Trendsetter Helmet (three days).

Here are the complete patch notes for PUBG Mobile’s Patch 2.0

Official Livik map

  • The official Livik map has been released in PUBG Mobile’s Patch 2.0. Much of the map has been revamped with new urban areas and upgrades to structures and graphics.
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New vehicle: UTV

  • A new vehicle has been released on the Livik map.
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New weapons

  • A new XT Upgrade Crate has been added only to the Livik map to upgrade the following weapons:
    • AKM
    • M416
    • P90
    • MK12
    • M24

Random advanced supply zones

  • When a match on Livik begins, a gold-colored advanced supply zone spawns in a random area of the map.
  • It offers significantly good supplies and shop tokens. Beware, though, as the supply-rich area may attract a lot of enemies.

Various mini-games

  • New mini-games have been added over the map. These include the following:
    • Random Crates and Treasure Maps
    • Wild Berries
    • Soccer Challenge
    • Storage Room
    • Zipline
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Airdrop marker

  • A special plane will take flight during a match on Livik to airdrop supplies. Its location will be revealed on the minimap.

Recall Towers

  • Players will be able to recall dead teammates by using Recall Towers on Livik.

Supply Shop

  • Players can look for Shop Tokens during a match on Livik and use them in the Supply Shop for loot.

Volcanic Eruption

  • The volcano on Livik is at threat to explode so players have been advised to be careful when venturing near it.

Classic map improvements

Emergency Pickup

  • Players will now be able to use Emergency Pickups to quickly rotate into the zone. It will call a rescue plane which will transport players into the safe zone.
  • It’s only available on Erangel and Miramar in the ranked and unranked modes.

Interactive haptics system

  • A new haptics system has been added to PUBG Mobile. Players can enable it in the settings to get a better experience. It’s only available on select devices.
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Firearm adjustments

The shotgun in PUBG Mobile has received a significant buff in Patch 2.0.

  • Hit Damage Ratio for shotguns: 1.25 to 1.5 for headshots, 0.9 to 1.05 for limb shots. The long-distance damage has been increased as well.
  • The capacity of the S12K has been increased to 10 rounds.
  • The bolt-action speed of the S1897 has been improved.
  • The basic damage of the Sawed-off shotguns has been slightly increased.

Metro Royale: Reunion

  • The Metro Royale is making a return to PUBG Mobile in Patch 2.0. The Steel Front and Cobra variants of the FAMAS and MG3 have also been added to the mode.
  • It will be available from May 18 to July 10.
  • New Weapons: MG3, MG3 (Cobra), MG3 (Steel Front), FAMAS (Cobra), FAMAS (Steel Front).


Cheer Park

  • A new mini soccer field has been added to the Cheer Park for players to test their soccer skills.
  • Players will also be able to take the skies with a new four-seater helicopter in the Cheer Park.
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Golden Share Crate

  • Players can complete daily missions to get Golden Share Crates. This can be placed on Spawn Island which can be picked up by other players. It will gift random limited-time rewards.

Friends System

  • Personal statuses have been added in Patch 2.0. Players will now be able to invite offline Facebook friends to team up through Messenger.

Mail System

  • Players can send a thank you message on receiving a gift from a friend.


  • The performance of Clan Screens has been improved along with improvements to the information display on the Results screen.
  • New Clan Team Training missions have been added to the game. Players can team up with Clan members to complete matches and collect rewards.
  • If a Clan Leader or Co-leader is inactive for a long period, the system will automatically transfer management privileges to someone else.

Basic Security

Eagle System review

  • The Eagle System review has been implemented in PUBG Mobile’s Patch 2.0. Players can become investigators to review other players who have been accused of hacking.

New season: Cycle Two, season six

  • It will be live in PUBG Mobile from May 19 to July 18.
  • Season Rewards: C2S6 Glasses, C2S6 Set, C2S6 Parachute, C2S6 – QBU, C2S6 Mask, C2S6 Cover.
  • The Bronze tier will now consist of three mini-tiers while Silver will have four mini-tiers.
  • Tier range adjustments in ranked Classic Mode: Bronze–Platinum, Gold–Conqueror.
  • Challenge Points: Some Challenge Points will now be converted into Rating Points after reaching the Challenge Point limit.
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Royale Pass Month 11: Hidden Hunters

  • It will be available from May 19 to July 17.
  • Players have to complete missions to advance through the RP tiers and unlock rewards.

Other improvements

Recall mechanic

  • New Defeat Markers have been added to the map for teammates that can still be recalled.
  • New Quick Messages have also been added to enable better cooperation.
  • The viewing angle on the plane has also been improved to allow players to quickly return to battle.
  • It will only be available on Unranked Erangel, Livik, Aftermath, and Ranked Livik.
  • Players will also respawn automatically without needing to use a Recall Tower in the themed mode of Erangel and Livik.


  • New achievements for the Livik and Core Circles-themed gameplay have been added. Players can get it after completing the corresponding missions.

Basic experience

  • More information is now displayed on the results screen.
  • The vehicle customization screen has been improved.
  • The transparency of mark messages has been adjusted to avoid blocking players’ views and aiming.
  • In-match notices have been added when certain actions take place, such as excellent eliminations and rescues.
  • Marks placed by teammates who have left the match will be removed from the mini-map.
  • A feature that allows players to mark enemies behind nearby obstacles has been added.
  • A parachute-closing sound mark will be shown on the minimap when an enemy lands after jumping.


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