Pokémon UNITE surpasses 25 million downloads across Nintendo Switch, mobile

That number might be too small.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE is continuing to show rapid player base growth. The Pokémon Company confirmed today that the franchise’s first MOBA has officially been downloaded more than 25 million times across Nintendo Switch and mobile. 

This isn’t that surprising because the game already surpassed nine million downloads on Switch a week before it launched on mobile. And because mobile is such a lucrative and accessible market, this new number might be smaller than the actual data shows. 

Last week, mobile market analytics company Sensor Tower noted that UNITE had been downloaded more than 30 million times on mobile after one week of being available. More than half of that came in the first two days, making it the biggest launch for a MOBA title on mobile. 

Those numbers come from a reputable third party, so it’s odd to see TPC provide a smaller number using combined figures from both Switch and mobile. 

Regardless of the sourcing, UNITE continues to show massive growth on both platforms and is releasing weekly content updates to keep things fresh and give casual players a reason to check back in. The next playable Pokémon, Sylveon, will be added to the game on Oct. 5, with more updates to come in the future.