Pokémon Masters EX Costume Event: Poké War Games announced

A new sync pair will also join the game.

Screengrab via DeNA

Pokémon Masters EX is hosting a new style of event for the first time in the Pasio region.

The first Costume Event, Poké War Games, will begin Oct. 29 and run through to Dec. 9. During this event, the sync pairs of Pasio will be split into two factions, which will do battle against each other.

During this event, there will be new main areas added every week with special items up for grabs. 

Along with the Costume Event, a new sync pair will be introduced to the game. This sync pair is the Special Costume version of Diantha and Keldeo. This sync pair will join the game on Oct. 28 via the seasonal sync pair scout.

Diantha and Keldeo is a fighting-type tech sync pair. Their skillset can bolster offense while nerfing enemies to deal devastating damage with their attacks.

If you’re a Pokémon Masters EX player and don’t want to miss out on this limited-time sync pair, then make sure to take part in the upcoming Poké War Games when it begins later this week on Oct. 29.