New Eldegoss, Alolan Ninetails, and Decidueye Holowear available now in Pokémon UNITE

Three new styles to choose from with your Gems.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE tends to add small pieces of content between larger updates to keep the game consistently feeling fresh in new ways, namely through the use of Holowear. 

Holowear are costumes you can purchase via UNITE’s in-game shop for your Pokémon, which they wear during matches. These can vary from simple designs to more premium variations that can change sound effects, animations, and other aspects of the game that don’t impact gameplay beyond adding a visual flair. 

Over the last several weeks, Holowear has been frequently added to coincide with the new battle pass and other updates. And now, three more Holowear is available to purchase based on previous sets of Holowear Style. 

Pastel Style Eldegoss is a premium Holowear that you can grab for 1,200 Aeos Gems, though it is discounted to 840 Aeos Gems for a limited time to coincide with its launch. It will add a unique visual flair to Eldegoss’ movement and KO animations.

The other two Holowear now available in Zirco Trading are Theater Style Alolan Ninetails and Theater Style Decidueye. Both cost 1,050 Aeos Gems and add a visual flair to the Pokémon’s movements once they are fully evolved. 

All three of these are only available to purchase using UNITE’s premium Aeos Gem currency at the moment, just like a majority of the other Holowear featured in the game. This could change in the future, but the Holowear Ticket Exchange offerings are updated very rarely.