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How to unlock the new Fortnite Samsung skin, iKONIK

A new exclusive Samsung skin is available for Galaxy S10 owners.

Image via Epic Games/Samsung

There’s a new Fortnite: Battle Royale skin exclusive to players who own a Samsung smartphone. This time, only users who pre-order or buy a phone from the Galaxy S10 series after release will unlock the exclusive outfit.

Eligible purchases will give players a character skin inspired by the K-pop band iKON, the iKONIK outfit, and the dance emote Scenario included in their Galaxy S10 purchase. The skin is based on singer Jung Chanwoo, and the Scenario emote is based on the dance moves that the musicians of iKON created for their songs.

Players who buy a Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+ have to follow a few steps to claim their exclusive outfit and emote in their Epic account.

Eligible purchases

Not all purchases of the Galaxy S10 series will let players unlock these exclusive cosmetic items. Samsung just says that players have to buy from participant retailers to get the items, but it doesn’t specify who these retailers are.

Players who buy directly from the Samsung store will surely receive these cosmetics. Otherwise, it’s safer to check with the store that’s selling your device if they’re a participant retailer of this promotion. Online stores will probably have some indicator that they’re participant retailers.

How to unlock the iKONIK outfit

The iKONIK outfit will be unlockable when the Galaxy S10 phones are released on March 8. Players must be using one of these smartphones to unlock it.

Players must download Fortnite on their Samsung S10 device from the Epic Games website and launch the game. Then, they must sign in normally to the Epic Games account they want the outfit to be in after claiming it.

Go to the Store tab, and the iKONIK outfit should be there. Tap it and claim the item, which should now be found in your Locker tab under Account and Equipment. If you have not registered a credit card in your Epic Games account, you must do so to proceed, and Samsung says your credit card will not be charged.

If the Epic Games account you use to claim the item is the same you use to play in other platforms, the outfit will also be available in these other platforms.

All players have until Dec. 31 of this year to buy an S10 from a participant retailer and claim the iKONIK outfit. All purchases made after this period will not come with this offer, and players who fail to claim the outfit by that date will also lose their right to claim the item.

This Galaxy S10 skin offer starts on March 8.