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How to get Fortnite season 8 recap video

Check out your wins, kills, favorite landing spot, and more.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite season eight recap video is now available. Players are able to check out their personalized recap and see various stats for the entire previous season including wins, kills, and more.

The Fortnite season eight recap video is far from the first one of its kind. Epic has released recaps in the past, starting with just an image of all your stats and then switching over to a video format beginning with season six. The video will show you information that is unique to your account so you can show off how you did in season eight.

Unfortunately, though, there are some requirements to receive your Fortnite season eight recap video. For starters, you must have owned the season eight battle pass, which you may have gotten for free as part of the overtime challenges in season seven. In addition to the battle pass, you must have completed at least 20 weekly challenges during the season.

While 20 challenges may sound like a lot, there are seven new challenges each week during a season so it only took participating in three weeks of challenges to meet these requirements. If you happen to meet these requirements then all you need to do to get your recap video is head to the season eight recap website here.

You will need to log into the website with your qualified Epic account to see the video presented to you. Once you have accessed and viewed your recap video, you are able to share the link with others on social media as well as download it for your own personal use. The video shows you stats including kills, favorite landing spot, best partner, and more.