How to change email and password in MTG Arena

Protect your account by following these steps.

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Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

A security breach at Wizards of the Coast has forced Magic: The Gathering players to change their passwords in MTG Arena

Due to a recent data breach that affected over 400,000 Magic Arena players, everyone is required to reset their passwords. It’s just a precautionary measure, but for many, it’s become a complicated mess. WotC was supposed to send an email to all MTG Arena players with a link to change their passwords. But many players haven’t received this email.

Information obtained from an outside source during the security breach included players’ first and last names, along with their email address. Passwords were also exposed but were secured cryptographically in hashed and salted form.

Here’s everything you need to know about changing passwords and emails attached to your Magic Arena accounts.

Changing MTG Arena email

A large number of Magic Arena players didn’t receive the email from WotC because the email attached to their account is no longer a valid one. And changing an email attached to an account can’t be performed in the game client.

To change an email, players need to submit an official request from the WotC website and follow these steps. 

  • Choose “general questions” in the first drop-down menu. 
  • Fill in old email and profile name in MTG Arena
  • Choose “change email” in the subject drop-down menu. 
  • Describe why you need a new email and include a valid email address in the description box. 

Once these steps are completed, WotC should send an email to your new address with a link to validate and change the password in MTG Arena.

Changing MTG Arena password

The process of changing a password in Magic Arena doesn’t require filling out a form. But it can’t be done in the client, either. Players need to click on this link to request an email that will allow them to change the password. 

Only valid emails attached to a player’s MTG Arena account will receive a password request email. If a player’s email account is no longer active, or they can’t access it, a change of email needs to be submitted through the request form found here.