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Fortnite’s powerful new Shockwave Grenade is live

This thing is going to send folks flying.

Screengrab via Epic Games

A new content update is live in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the powerful new Shockwave Grenade has come along with it.

This new item is basically like the already-existing Impulse Grenade super-charged. It will launch players a great distance, but they will not take fall damage—And they will blast through any objects in their path.

Right now it seems like the main functions of the Shockwave Grenade are to travel great distances quickly, like to make it to the safe zone or escape a dangerous situation. Or to really ruin someone’s day at the end of the game.

Throwing one of these at an enemy in a small safe zone will undoubtedly send them flying into the storm without any real recourse or way to stop it, especially since it will send them flying through structures.

Since players and vehicles don’t take fall damage from the Shockwave, they’re not very useful for knocking a player off of a building to kill them. But we think there will be some funny clips in the next few days of how these things work, if history is any indication.

The Shockwave Grenade is of Epic rarity, drops in stacks of two with a max stack size of six, and can only be found in supply drops, vending machines, llamas, and chests.

Today’s content update has also made the 50v50 limited time mode the Solid Gold variety, which means only Epic rarity weapons and items can be found. That mode will be a great way to try out the new item.