DrLupo is The Fallen One, Fall Guys’ “statistically the best” player

The special skin is coming this weekend.

Image via Mediatonic

DrLupo’s gaming dominance has spread to the summer of 2020’s biggest game.

The Fall Guys Twitter account recently posted that the developer at Mediatonic has awarded a special skin to the player who’s “statistically the best” at the game, calling them “The Fallen One.” But there was an issue—the developer said it couldn’t confirm who the player was.

This morning, Mediatonic tweeted that it could see that The Fallen One was live on the game and that DrLupo’s Fall Guys number matched it. Shortly after, DrLupo checked his inventory and found something new. The special skin is none other than P-Body, one of the playable characters from Portal 2.

Lupo was ecstatic at the news and began to play with the P-Body skin immediately. The skin will be made available in the store sometime this weekend, but for now, The Fallen One is the only one with it.

The Fall Guys social media team needs to be commended for how it’s interacting with popular Twitch streamers. The saga of TimTheTatman chasing his first victory won’t be forgotten for some time.

It’s possible that Lupo could’ve received the skin to help market its release, but the company is claiming that he has the best stats. According to Lupo, he has 58 victories total, so it’s definitely a possibility.

For now, The Fallen One can be found in his P-Body skin until tomorrow, when there will be countless copies in every game.