Dr Disrespect’s $100,000 Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop: Results and final standings

Doc's event finds its champions

Dr Disrespect’s first foray into competitive Fortnite came to a head at his Hot Shot Duo Drop event. The one-day tournament saw 16 teams of two battle in Fortnite’s Zero Build mode for a $100,000 prize pool.

The teams of two loaded into the same lobby as a four-person squad with the duo they faced off with in each round. The winning duo was decided based on which team secured the most kills in a best-of-three series. While the winning team advanced on to the next step in the bracket, the losers were forced to play for their lives in the best-of-one loser’s bracket.

Hosted by BoomTV, the Hot Shot Duo Drop featured several major Fortnite content creators and pros. Though some classic battle royale names were featured, the likes of Ninja, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and even Dr Disrespect exited the competition early.

Who won Dr Disrespect’s Hot Shot Duo Drop?

The duo of Tfue and Zemie dominated the upper bracket throughout the entire day. The Fortnite pros were unparalleled in their stellar performances, losing only one game in their entire championship run.

The pair dispatched Typical Gamer and Ranger in the winners bracket finals, who battled back through the lower bracket to meet Tfue and Zemie for a rematch to decide the entire tournament. Typical Gamer and Ranger stepped up their game when it mattered most, and the two teams tied the first match of the grand finals with 21 kills per team.

In a replay of the first round, Tfue and Zemie took the series advantage after a 10-3 performance. Game two was a close battle between the teams, as they remained within a two kill proximity of each other nearly the entire game. Tfue and Zemie managed to pull away in the final moments, winning 21-16 and the $40,000 first prize. Typical Gamer and Ranger received $25,000 for second place. Maddynf and Upshall rounded out the top three, taking home $13,000.

Dr Disrepect’s Hot Shot Duo Drop: Final Results

Grand Finals

  • Tfue and Zemie defeat Typical Gamer and Ranger

Winners Bracket Finals

  • Tfue and Zemie defeat Typical Gamer and Ranger

Winners Bracket Round 3

  • Typical Gamer and Ranger defeat BonsaiBroz
  • Tfue and Zemie defeat Maddynf and Upshall

Winners Bracket Round 2

  • BonsaiBroz defeat Dr Disrespect and DWolf
  • Typical Gamer and Ranger defeat HeadShotChick and Thiefs
  • Tfue and Zemie defeat LEGIQN and Reverse2K
  • Maddynf and Upshall defeat Summit1g and HutchMF

Winners Bracket Round 1

  • DrDisrespect and DWolf defeat Trick2g and Horsey
  • BonsaiBroz defeat Electra and vanessuh
  • Typical Gamer and Ranger defeat Aydan and Prospering
  • HeadShotChick and Thiefs defeat Punz and Foolish_Gamers
  • Tfue and Zemie defeat JoeWo and DougisRaw
  • LEGIQN and Reverse2k defeat Ninja and TimTheTatman
  • Summit1g and HutchMF defeat StoneMountain64 and ZLaner
  • Maddynf and Upshall defeat CouRageJD and DrLupo


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