Cheese improves his Super Mario 64 world record, breaks 1:38 barrier

He shaved 24 seconds off his world record.

Image via Nintendo

Allan “Cheese05” Alvarez has once again proven that he’s the best Super Mario 64 speedrunner in the game’s history. The longtime world record holder for the 120-star speedrun in Super Mario 64 became the first player to eclipse the one-hour, 38-minute mark today.

Cheese most recently improved his 120-star world record to 1:39:15 on June 5. But now, he’s shaved even more time off his record and further separated himself from second-place 120-star speedrunner Devin “puncayshun” Blair.

After completing Rainbow Ride, the game’s second-to-last stage, Cheese was on pace to just barely break the 1:38 mark. Despite some early hiccups in Bowser in the Sky, Cheese successfully made all three Bowser throws to end his run in 1:38:51, taking roughly 24 seconds off his previous world record.

Cheese was speechless after he knew that he finally reached this new milestone. The legendary speedrunner has been putting countless hours into Super Mario 64 recently in an effort to hit the 1:38 mark—and it’s paid off.

Cheese has long been the Super Mario 64 runner who sets new benchmarks in the 120-star category. Now, the question remains: How long will it take Cheese to hit 1:37?