Best Lucario Build in Pokémon UNITE

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Lucario has undoubtedly been one of the most played characters in Pokémon UNITE since the game came out in July 2021 for Nintendo Switch. His capacity of bullying other champions in the lane and even playing top lane all by himself has shaped the meta of the 10-minute MOBA game.

TiMi Studio has addressed some of Lucario’s overpowered aspects in balance patches, but it still remains an S-tier Pokémon. Patch was introduced on Jan. 20 and the best build for Lucario has since changed.

Here are the best Held Items, Battle Item, and moveset for Lucario in Pokémon UNITE.

Best Held Items for solo queue

In solo queue, the odds of you playing solo top lane are slim. The meta is different compared to team-orientated matches, and so are the items.

  • Attack Weight: It’s a must-have for Lucario as it will increase your Attack stat every time you score a goal. The maximum number of stacks you can hold is six and you don’t lose your stacks even if you faint during the match.
  • Muscle Band: As a melee Pokémon, you’ll often be in opponents’ faces using your basic attacks. Muscle Band boosts your basic attack, your Attack stat, and your basic attack speed.
  • Score Shield: In solo queue, you’ll likely play against two opponents in top lane, the recommended lane for Lucario. Scoring will be harder, but if you use the Score Shield, it will be easier for you to get your Attack Weight’s stacks.

Best Held Items for team-oriented play

If you’ve ever watched professional Pokémon UNITE matches, you may have noticed that Lucario is the king of the top lane. He can play that lane on his own, allowing teams to run three Pokémon in bottom lane. For five-stack matches, the recommended Held Items slightly change.

  • Attack Weight: Even though you’re playing in a coordinated team, you’ll still want to stack your Attack Weight so you deal more damage to opponents and become one of your team’s carries.
  • Buddy Barrier: You don’t need to run Score Shield if you’re only playing against one Pokémon in the top lane because you’ll often be be trading scores. The Buddy Barrier gives Lucario more survivability in the Zapdos’ team fight and gives a shield to your nearby ally with the lowest HP.
  • Muscle Band: If you’re running Lucario in a coordinated team, it’s expected that you cause a lot of damage to your opponents, so running Muscle Band is a must as it greatly boosts Lucario’s stats.

Best Battle Item for Lucario

Image via The Pokémon Company

The usage of Slow Smoke on Lucario became meta after the developers buffed its effect in Patch With it, Lucario can set up some mean plays and knock out opponents with his Power-Up Punch and Close Combat combo. 

Best moves for Lucario in Pokémon UNITE

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Lucario’s initial moves are Meteor Mash and Quick Attack. When you reach level five you’ll have to choose between Extreme Speed and Power-Up Punch, and when you get your level seven you must choose between Bone Rush and Close Combat. Here’s what we recommend for Patch and beyond.

  • Power-Up Punch: When properly charged, it still deals a lot of damage and is also a great move for escaping from opponents and avoiding getting knocked out. If you use Close Combat or Bone Rush after it, the Power-Up Punch will get a reset. The move gets a boost at level 11, making Lucario unstoppable while he’s charging it.
  • Close Combat: A move that hasn’t been popular in previous patches, but it’s an excellent option after the buffs. Lucario hits the opponents with a lot of punches dealing a lot of damage and restoring some of his HP. Its damage increases once Lucario becomes level 13.