Best Decidueye build in Pokémon UNITE – Best held items, battle items, and moves

Get ready to space the battlefield.

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The Pokémon UNITE roster has steadily been expanding since the game released in July, and TiMi Studio has been playing around with different ways to apply specific roles to Pokémon and their signature abilities with each new release. 

The latest addition to the MOBA is Decidueye, a Grass/Ghost-type known for its archer-like qualities and moves. 

Listed as a Ranged Attacker, Decidueye is probably the Pokémon that takes that role the most literally, putting priority on keeping a proper distance from any target you are going to aim at. This role is further boosted by its ability, Long Reach, which makes attacks deal more damage when you hit enemies from further away. Oddly enough, however, the Pokémon is a Physical Attacker when it comes to stats.

Decidueye’s moves focus on three different aspects: direct damage, changing stats, or doing both in some combination of secondary effects. This makes the archer’s moveset very versatile and will leave a lot to player preference or matchup dependence when playing a match. 

Decidueye isn’t going to be hard to pick up and play, but there is a high skill ceiling for the archer due to how its moves will affect both your and your opponents’ stats while in battle. You can obtain the Arrow Quill Pokémon’s Unite License for 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems, and here is a good starter build for you to use while learning the character. 


Held Items

Muscle Band

The point of playing Decidueye is dealing as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. Even though it is a Special Attacker, Focus Band will see your Basic Attacks do more damage to enemies with more health. 

Buddy Barrier

Decidueye is one of the least bulky Pokémon in the game, and with its slow movement speed, opponents will likely jump at you during big teamfights as an attempt to remove your high damage output from the equation. Using Buddy Barrier will let you pop your stationary Unite Move, providing yourself and an injured nearby ally with a shield.  

Scope Lens

Damage output is at the core of any Decidueye’s build, which is why upping your chance to land a Critical Hit and boosting the damage done when that lucky strike does happen is a big win. You could try adding a Focus Band or Float Stone if you want to combat some of the archer’s weaknesses, but it might just be better to lean into its strengths. 

Battle Items

Eject Button

At this point, every Pokémon just defaults to using the Eject Button because it provides an instant boost in mobility. Especially for a low-mobility Pokémon like Decidueye, being able to avoid potentially fatal blows or fall back behind a wall could end up saving a fight. 


Level one: Leafage

Damage from a distance is the name of the game for Decidueye, even when it is just a Rowlet. Leafage does damage and also boosts the user’s Attack stat and Basic Attack strength for a short time.

Level Seven: Razor Leaf/Spirit Shackles

This is the choice players will need to feel out when first starting with Decidueye. Razor Leaf is purely a stat-boosting move, while Spirit Shackle is a utility attack that does damage and debuffs opponents’ stats. 

Razor Leaf increases the user’s Attack and Basic Attack speed, and Basic Attacks can target multiple Pokémon. 

Spirit Shackles is a little less straightforward. The move fires quills in a selected direction and deals damage depending on how long it is charged. When fully charged, any Pokémon hit by it will take more damage when moving a set distance away and will have its Speed decreased for a short time. 

Most players prefer the guaranteed effect of Razor Leaf, even if it doesn’t deal direct damage immediately, but both options are viable depending on how comfortable you are in your abilities. 

Upgrade (Level 11): Increases the user’s basic attack damage the higher the opposing Pokémon’s remaining HP is OR Deals increased damage to opposing Pokémon with low remaining HP.

Level Eight: Shadow Sneak

Shadow Sneak gives players aspects of Spirit Shackles, dealing damage and decreasing an enemy’s movement speed and Defense stat for a short time. It also boosts the user’s movement speed, allowing for easy follow-ups or repositioning. 

The other option, Leaf Storm, is a more powerful attack that also decreases movement speed, making it another option depending on how heavily you will need to control a lane or deal damage. 

Upgrade (Level 13): Further decreases a target’s Defense. 

Level Nine: Nock Nock

One of the most finicky parts of Decidueye’s moveset is its stationary Unite Move, which will have the user firing quills in a designated arc and dealing damage to any Pokémon they hit. One large arrow will fire to end the attack dealing damage to a number of targets. It deals more damage the further away the user is and the lower the HP stat they have. 

You will need to get used to aiming with this attack, but even though you are unable to move, you will be immune to any stuns or other effects while firing. 

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