All new, updated moves for Pokémon Go Battle League Season 9

Hope you like slight damage and energy changes.

Image via Niantic

With the introduction of Pokémon Go Battle League Season Nine, Niantic has added one new attack, changed the way multiple attacks function, and updated which Pokémon can learn certain moves. 

This means that certain Pokémon will have new options to use in their movesets and other moves will be more or less viable depending on the changes made fo the new season. 

Running until Nov. 29, players will see the usual mix of Great, Ultra, and Master League contests, with remixed variants thrown in too. Additionally, Season Nine will feature the Little Jungle Cup, the annual Halloween Cup, and a Special Cup that players will vote on. 

So if you plan on taking part in some GBL action or are just interested in the updated moves and availability, here are all of the changes that were made for GBL Season Nine. 

New moves

  • Weather Ball (Normal-type)
    • Niantic finally fixed the confusing Weather Ball issue and has added a Normal-type variant back into the game. 
    • It is a Charged Attack that does 55 damage in Trainer Battles, raids, and Gyms. 

Updated moves

  • Weather Ball (Fire/Ice/Water/Rock-type)
    • To coincide with the new typing and the move being very strong as a low energy Charged Attack, Niantic is decreasing the damage from base 60 to base 55 for Trainer Battles, raids, and Gyms. 
  • Crunch
    • Now has a chance of lowering the opposing Pokémon’s Defense stat in Trainer Battles. 
  • Zap Cannon
    • In order to shine a brighter light on Pokémon like Zapdos, Regirock, and Magnezone, Zap Cannon is now guaranteed to lower the opposing Pokémon’s Attack stat in Trainer Battles. 
  • Scald
    • Has a lower energy cost and a chance at lowering the opposing Pokémon’s Attack stat in Trainer Battles. 
  • Feather Dance
    • Energy cost increase in Trainer Battles because it was being used at a high frequency. 
  • Megahorn
    • Slight damage increase from 100 to 110 damage to provide a stronger Charged Attack option. 

Moves available to more Pokémon 

  • Nidoking can now learn Sand Tomb
  • Poliwrath can now learn Scald
  • Heracross can now learn Rock Blast
  • Manectric can now learn Thunder Fang and Overheat
  • Castform (Normal Form) can now learn Weather Ball (Normal-type)
  • Cofagrigus can now learn Shadow Claw