All Eevee Pokémon Go Community Day What You Choose to Be Research tasks and rewards

Timed, Field, and Special Research are all included in the extended Eeveent.

Image via Niantic

Eevee is coming back as the featured Pokémon in August’s Pokémon Go Community Day event with a slight twist to pack it with even more content. 

Instead of the typical one-day event, August’s Community Day will run for two days, Aug. 14 and 15, with bonuses available throughout the weekend. 

When you evolve Eevee between Aug. 13 and 16 at 10am local time, each of its evolutions will learn a new, event-exclusive move. Any Eevee caught during this period will also know Last Resort. 

Throughout the event, players will have access to the new What You Choose to Be event-exclusive Special Research, which will cost $1 to unlock. Additional Field and Timed Research tasks will be available for all players, too. 

So if you plan on trying to master the art of Eeveelution, here are all the tasks and rewards you can expect to see. 

Special Research

What You Choose to Be page one

  • Power up Pokémon 10 times
    • 10 Pinap Berries
  • Catch 15 Eevee
    • Eevee encounter
  • Make seven Nice Throws
    • 50 Eevee Candy

Total Rewards: 2,000 Stardust, 25 Poké Balls, and one Incense 

What You Choose to Be page two

  • Catch 15 Eevee
    • Vaporeon encounter
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon
    • Jolteon encounter
  • Evolve three Eevee
    • Flareon encounter

Total Rewards: 1,500 XP, 50 Eevee Candy, and one Incense

What You Choose to Be page three

  • Make three Great Curveball Throws
    • Espeon encounter
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon
    • Eevee encounter
  • Evolve two Eevee
    • Umbreon encounter

Total Rewards: 2,500 XP, 15 Great Balls, and one Rocket Radar

What You Choose to Be page four

  • Catch 15 Eevee
    • Leafeon encounter
  • Use 15 Berries to help catch Pokémon
    • Eevee encounter
  • Evolve two Eevee
    • Glaceon encounter

Total Rewards: 3,500 Stardust, one Egg Incubator, and 15 Ultra Balls

What You Choose to Be page four

  • Claim Reward
    • 100 Eevee Candy
  • Claim Reward
    • Eevee encounter
  • Claim Reward
    • Two Silver Pinap Berries

Total Rewards: 3,000 Stardust, a Sylveon encounter, and two Rare Candy

Timed Research

Community Day: Eevee

  • Power up Pokémon five times
    • One Mossy Lure Module
  • Catch 5 Eevee
    • One Glacial Lure Module

Total Rewards: 1,000 XP and an Eevee encounter

Event-exclusive Field Research

  • Catch three Eevee
    • Eevee encounter
    • Five Great Balls
    • One Golden Razz Berry 
    • Two Ultra Balls
    • Two Pinap Berries
    • 500 Stardust