All Characters, Skills, and Abilities in Naraka: Bladepoint

There's someone for everyone.

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The competition in the battle royale genre is one of the toughest ones out there. Each popular title has its own core mechanics that make them stand out. While most battle royale games focus on shooting mechanics, Naraka: Bladepoint takes a look at the genre from a different angle.

Featuring a gameplay that favors movement and agility, players will be able to experience a battle royale setup that focuses more on closer-quarter fights. After successful beta tests, the game’s finally getting ready for a full release on Aug. 12.

While movement skills will be important when it comes to outplaying your opponents, each character will also have unique abilities that will help them in battle. The number of characters available in Naraka: Bladepoint is likely to increase over time, but the game will hit the digital shelves with six playable characters.

Here are all the playable characters in Naraka: Bladepoint.


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Matari is a “graceful” assassin who’s honed her skills in windy deserts. Dealing with a Matari can be quite difficult at first due to her mobility.

  • Skill: Silent Flutter
    • Regardless of your footing, using Silent Flutter will allow you to teleport in a certain range, in a set direction.
      • If you’re using the default keybinds, you’ll be able to press and hold F to charge Silent Flutter, allowing you to teleport further.
    • Rapid Flash isn’t a chargeable spell, but you’ll be able to use it twice instead.
    • Retrace Flash will leave a marker on the ground, and you’ll need to press G to teleport back to your original spot.
  • Ultimate: Unseen Wings
    • Unseen Wings allows Matari to enter Stealth for 25 seconds and decreases Silent Flutter2s cooldown.
    • When moving under the effect of Stealth, Matari will look like an outline while standing still will make you pretty much invisible.
      • Assassin: This effect will reduce the duration of your Stealth to 20 seconds, but it’ll increase the damage you’ll deal when you’re coming out of special states like climbing trees and wall running.
      • Group Stealth: Especially useful in squad games, this effect will allow you to cast Stealth on all of your teammates who are in a certain range with you.

Tarka Ji

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Tarka Ji lives by a simple rule, “Live fast, drink well, and be merry.” Aside from enjoying a glass or two from time to time, Tarka Ji is also one of the bravest characters in Naraka: Bladepoint, not backing up from any type of fight.

  • Skill: Inner Fire
    • Upon using this spell, Tarka Ji will enter a defensive state that lasts three seconds, blocking melee attacks. If you use your left click after a successful block, you’ll be able to perform a counterattack.
    • Bide: Bide will allow you to block non-explosive projectiles. If you successfully block three projectiles, a counter attack will be initiated. This counterattack will be more powerful depending on the successive blocks you’ll score.
    • Gigaflame: Gigaflame will allow Tarka Ji to use his internal energies in a more offensive way by allowing him to cast a fireball that deals a decent amount of damage while also knocking enemies back.
  • Ultimate: Blackout
    • Tarka Ji catches on fire and repels nearby enemies. This effect also boosts his agility and he also gains a chance to block non-explosive projectiles when he’s sprinting.
    • Blackout also allows Tarka Ji to recover his Energy faster.
    • Blackout consumes Rage and it’ll automatically run out whenever you don’t have any Rage available. The ability can also be canceled manually.
      • Vulcan: Vulcan will remove Inner Fire’s cooldown, but it’ll start consuming Energy. You won’t be able to cast Blackout when you’re under attack and it won’t be regenerating Energy.
      • Frenzy: Frenzy boosts Tarka Ji’s attack power, but his Rage will run out faster. To make up for the costs, Tarka Ji will be able regenerate Rage by dealing damage to enemies.


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Temulch is one of the more spiritual characters in Naraka: Bladepoint. With his ancestral legends in his mind, Temulch is out to seek glory and he doesn’t like he’d tolerate anyone who’d try to stop him on his path.

  • Skill: Zephyr Wind
    • Upon using Zephyr Wind, Temulch will jump into the air and summon three wisps at the same time. Each of these wisps will be able to block a non-explosive projectile.
    • You’ll also be able to launch these wisps by pressing G and they’ll cause enemies that they hit to Whirlwind. The duration of Whirlwind will depend on the number of wisps you’ll have available upon impact.
      • Tracking: This effect will allow launched wisps to automatically track you enemies.
      • Assault Wisps: Wisps will be able to go through enemies and also allow them to bounce off surfaces. After bouncing from an obstacle these wisps will once again move toward enemies.
  • Ultimate: Zephyr Prison
    • Like his previous ability, Temulch will leap forward while creating a barrier around him for 15 seconds. During this period, Temulch slightly knocks back nearby enemies and the barrier will be able to block all ranged attacks. 
      • Enchanted: Enchanted increases Temulch’s Energy recovery rate while he’s in the Zephyr Prison. The duration of the prison gets reduced to 12 seconds.
      • Summon: Upon passing into the barrier, Zephyr Wisps will be created that will have a duration of 12 seconds.


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Each character has their own agenda and Tianhai is out there to save the world. Tianhai doesn’t have any boundaries, though, since he’s willing to sacrifice his own life if it’d mean that the world was saved.

  • Skill: The Divine Bell
    • The Divine bell allows Tianhai to resist physical attacks while also reflecting ranged projectiles when he’s under attack. Reflected projectiles are sent back to their casters.
      • Counter: Enemies that attack with Blue Focus will be disarmed, but Tianhai won’t be able to use the Divine Bell when he’s under attack.
      • Blast: Blast allows Tianhai to send the enemies around him flying. Like Counter, Tianhai won’t be able to use The Divine Bell when he’s under attack.
  • Ultimate: Titan’s Call
    • Upon casting Titan’s Call, Tianhai becomes a Vajra. This ability can only be used in open areas due to how huge the Vajra form is.
    • While Tianhai is in his Vajra state, you’ll be able to grab enemies by using your left clicks. Pressing F will allow you to smash grabbed enemies, or it’ll let you perform a ground stomp if you don’t have any enemies in your grasp.
    • The maximum Energy you’ll have as a Varja will depend on the number of players in the game mode you’re playing.
    • Tianhai can maintain his Vajra form for 40 seconds and you can cancel it at any time by holding down V.
      • Guard: Guard will allow you to grab teammates which will restore their health and armor overtime. This decreases the Vajra form’s duration to 35.
      • The second additional effect for Titan’s Call will allow you to regenerate health when you perform a stomp while holding an enemy. This effect will reduce the ability’s duration to 30 seconds.

Tsuchimikado Kurumi

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Considering squad gameplay is an important aspect of Naraka: Bladepoint, you’ll want to see a support character in your squad. Kurumi is a natural-born support with her healing abilities, and she’ll be a must-have in all squads to ensure longevity throughout a match.

  • Skill: Ward
    • Kurumi starts healing herself and a teammate.
    • While she’s in a healing state, Kurumi can’t attack. During this stage, left-clicking will teleport her to her target teammates and nearby enemies will also be sent flying to create space. You can also use your right-click to heal both yourself and your teammate instantly while also cutting off the link.
    • The healing link lasts for 30 seconds.
      • Resurrection: Resurrection allows Kurumi to link with enemies who were knocked out. As the name suggests, Kurumi will be able to revive them after she’s linked.
      • Dual Heal: Dual Healing allows Kurumi to restore both her health and a targeted teammate’s. 
  • Ultimate: Sacred Circle
    • Upon casting Sacred Circle, Kurumi will place down a healing circle which gets rid of all debuffs once every second for 15 seconds
      • Armor Enhance: Sacred Circle starts regenerating armor instead of health.
      • Rapid Healing: Sacred Circle instantly heals all teammates when used.

Viper Ning

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Viper Ning is a blind blademaster who originates from West Kunlun. Also known as the Crimson Viper, Ning is one of those characters you’d like to have in your squad simply due to the overall utility that she brings to the table.

  • Skill: Yushan Enigma
    • Yushan Enigma focuses Ning’s inner energies and releases them as a blast. This blast damages enemies and knocks them back..
    • Yushan Enigma can interrupt an enemy’s Blue Focus
      • Lockdown: Lockdown will prevent enemies from using skills or ultimate. Their focus move, on the other hand, will become uninterruptible for 15 seconds.
      • Enfeeble: Enfeeble decreases the total healing that enemies receive while also making their focus moves uninterruptible for 15 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Twilight Crimson
    • Viper Ning marks all nearby enemies, but she can’t attack while doing so. After the five-second channeling process all enemies get stunned for five seconds.
    • You’ll only be able to mark enemies who are already visible to you.
      • Seal: During the channeling process, enemies won’t be able to use their ultimates or skills, but they’ll only get stunned for two seconds.
      • Unchained: Viper Ning will be able to move during the channeling process and enemies won’t be able to use their skills or ultimates. This will remove the stunning effect of Twilight Crimson.