When is Rush Wars releasing globally?

The strategy game is the newest title from the developers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Image via Supercell

Supercell recently unveiled its newest title, Rush Wars, and it’s already racking up a huge number of downloads. ­­But it’s only available in certain countries.

The game was first teased by the company on Aug. 23 and the beta came out yesterday for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Today, the beta expanded to include Finland as well.

As of now, Supercell hasn’t announced a global release date for the game. In past titles, Supercell has been known to take things slowly. The company likes to fix all bugs and refine a game’s meta before launch.

Brawl Stars is the perfect example of this. The game was initially released in a portrait mode and had a tap-to-move control option as well as a joystick one. A few months into the beta when news about a global release started intensifying, the developers decided to make some big changes to the game. Auto-aim was introduced and the portrait mode was changed to landscape. The tap-to-touch control option was removed as well.

This was met by a lot of criticism. Players called it a big obstruction to the game’s path into esports. Many players used the tap-to-touch controls and had to adapt to the new control mode. In the end, these changes turned out to be the right move and the game received a global beta in December 2018, over a year after it was first introduced.

Supercell’s other hit title, Clash Royale, received a global release date in March 2016, just two months after the game was soft-launched.

Rush Wars plays really well and is a unique game when compared to other titles in its genre. The game also has the potential to evolve into an esports title. It’s already receiving positive reviews and it’s possible that we can expect something similar to Clash Royale when it comes to its global release. 

Update: As of Nov. 30, 2019, Supercell has shut down the Rush Wars beta along with the development of the game.