Stu joins Brawl Stars today, alongside Power League

The new Brawler can be earned upon reaching 10,000 trophies.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars players who have surpassed 10,000 trophies can unlock the latest character, Stu, and roll into the battlefield.

Stu joined Brawl Stars in an update earlier today. Although no balance changes or other features were introduced, the Power League now appears in place of the former system of Power Play. It’s set to start tomorrow at 3am CT.

The update was highly anticipated by the players because the overloaded servers suffered when the update was introduced, causing several bugs.

Stu uses pyrotechnics and fire in his abilities. His main attack fires shots that go forward in a straight line, and his Super makes him dash forward for a short distance. He leaves a trail of fire behind him which has a knockback effect. Stu will launch with his first skin called Super Star Stu.

Once the update launched, some funny games at high level featured squads entirely formed of Stu players. It often happens when new Brawlers that aren’t of chromatic or legendary rarity are introduced, such as Edgar last year, since they can be unlocked more easily by the players.

The other major new feature is Power League, which has replaced the Power Play system to offer more precise rankings and rewarding games to the players.

Players will compete in best-of-three matches to get the win and advance to the next rank instead of earning points every game to climb the ladder, which will raise the stakes. Star points will still be given to players depending on the rank they reached in addition to exclusive rewards.