Squeak is introduced in Brawl Stars

Colonel Ruff's latest creation will throw blobs all over the battlefield.

Image via Supercell

Brawl Stars‘ latest Brawler Squeak was released earlier today and can be tested out by the players in the Brawlers menu, even if they don’t own him.

Squeak is a Mythic-rarity brawler. He can be unlocked by opening random boxes, or bought in the store for 349 gems. He will only be available in the store for four days, disappearing on May 23. Then, he’ll only be available in random boxes.

“As Colonel Ruff’s accidental creation, Squeak was born to play fetch,” his description reads. His pet equipment is reminiscent of Colonel Ruff’s style, including his purple hat and ball. He’s cute, but he’s also dangerous, and players will have to watch out for his blobs in games.

His basic attack is called Sticky Blomb. It launches a “blob of goo” which sticks to the ground or to the target hit, whether it’s an enemy or a wall. Then, it explodes after a short delay, dealing damage in a whole area. Enemies can also pick up the projectile if they go close to the blob, thus taking damage. It can result in their team’s demise if enemies with a blob stuck on them go near their allies.

After four hits, Squeak’s super “Big Blob” is charged up. It unleashes a bomb which explodes and divides into multiple small bombs that also deal damage after a short delay.

Squeak was released with one gadget and one star power. His gadget, called Windup, increases the range of his next attack, while his star power Chain Reaction increases the damage of the attacks according to the number of enemies hit (10 percent per target hit).

Meanwhile, sniper Belle will remain up for grabs in the Brawl Pass of season six until its end about one month later. Players will be rewarded ith the brawler when reaching tier 30 of the pass.