New brawler Amber, Halloween event, and Map Maker revealed in latest Brawl Talk

Get ready for Halloween, Brawl Stars fans.

Image via Supercell

The upcoming Brawl Stars legendary Brawler Amber and Halloween-themed Brawl-o-ween event were unveiled in the latest Supercell devs show “Brawl Talk” last night on YouTube.

The next update, which still does not have an official release date, will introduce 10 new gadgets and several skins to celebrate both Halloween and the Brawl Stars 2020 World Championship.

The developers also hinted at the upcoming feature Map Maker. They confirmed the feature, which will allow players to create customised maps, will be soon available in beta and will join the live servers later.

The time-limited event Brawl-o-ween will feature a challenge and three new themed skins, which will be added alongside several gold skins. Here is the list of the skins which will be added with the upcoming update:

  • Underworld Bo and Zombibi
  • Brawloween Rosa (unlocked by completing the Brawl-o-ween challenge)
  • Gold skins: Bull, Barley, Rico, Mortis, Frank

Amber was also revealed as the next Brawler, with a legendary rarity and mechanics based on fire. Her primary attack has a unique mechanic in the game, since she depletes ammo as long as she aims at a direction, rather than hitting attacks with taps. Her range of attack is wide, but the damage she inflicts seem to be quite weak to balance her strengths. Her super launches a bomb that explodes in a wide area of effect.

Her release will come alongside a new map environment in a desert climate on the day following the release of next’s update. She’ll be both available in the shop and in boxes.

The Supercell developers reminded the community that the Brawl Stars World tournament’s playoffs will happen soon with quarterfinals matches set to Nov. 21, and the grand finals that will take place on Nov. 22.

Ten gadgets, the new mechanics unique for each brawler which can only be used a few times in games, will also be introduced into the game with the next update.

Meanwhile, season three, called Welcome to Starr Park, will end in 37 days. You still have time to complete daily and season quests to gain more season pass tiers with rewards.