How to upgrade gear in Diablo Immortal

Get equipped for an eternity of demon slaying.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

As you travel through the world of Diablo Immortal on your way to the Realm of Damnation, you’re bound to collect multiple storage chests worth of gear ranging from worthless Common gear to incredible Legendary pieces.

The first few chapters of the game are relatively easy to fight through, and you’re bound to pick up multiple pieces of Rare quality gear just in the first few hours. It’s critical to keep your gear upgraded throughout your journey, and the system for doing so is relatively straightforward.

How to upgrade gear in Diablo Immortal

Image via Blizzard

After one of the early missions in Diablo Immortal, you will find yourself introduced to Blacksmiths, the NPCs scattered across the continent that will upgrade your gear for you for a price. But the Blacksmith can only upgrade gear that is of Rare quality (gear with a yellow aura) or higher. Magic (blue) and Common (grey) items are not upgradeable, but at the rate you find them via looting, they’re not really worth upgrading any way.

Materials needed to upgrade gear rank

Every time you go to swap out gear or when you stop by a settlement with a Blacksmith, you should be taking all your unused gear to the Blacksmith and salvaging it. Salvaging gear rewards you with currency known as Scrap Materials, which are vital to the process of upgrading gear.

Image via Blizzard

To upgrade gear past level one, you’ll also need Enchanted Dust. Enchanted Dust is earned by defeating enemies and opening loot chests, salvaging pieces of Rare equipment, completing side quests, or by visiting the Material Exchange. Visit the Smithing Materials vendor next to the Blacksmith in Westmarch, and you can exchange 10 Scrap Materials for a single piece of Enchanted Dust.

Gear rank upgrade costs

Upgrading costs get higher and higher per gear level. From zero to one costs 1,500 gold and 125 Scrap. From one to two costs 4,000 gold, 150 Scrap, and one Enchanted Dust. From two to three costs 6,500 gold, 175 Scrap, and 10 Enchanted Dust, and so on.

Don’t be deterred from upgrading Rare gear right away. If you find a piece you like later, you can transfer the rank from your current piece of gear to the new one at a Blacksmith.