Here are latest balance changes in Brawl Stars

Dynamike is back at the front of the meta.

Image via Supercell

After a short maintenance earlier today, Supercell implemented new balance changes on Brawl Stars. Although only a dozen Brawlers were affected, it will likely bring some changes to the meta since many overperforming Brawlers received a heavy hit from the hammer–specifically Belle, Barley and Poco–who’ve been dominating the meta lately.

Here are all the latest balance changes in Brawl Stars.


  • Belle: Range reduced by six percent, now similar to Piper’s.
  • Barley: Range reduced by eight percent, bringing it closer to the other throwers’.
  • Jessie: Turret HP reduced from 3,200 to 3,000.
  • Poco: Super charge now requires one more hit (total of four hits).
  • Sandy: Super charge now requires one more hit (total of six hits).
  • 8-Bit: Speed of star power “Plugged In” boost decreased (to normal speed only).


  • Dynamike: Movement speed increased by 6.5 percent, bringing it to a speed similar to El Primo’s. It compensates the medium range of his attacks.
  • Carl: Increase projectile speed by 15 percent.
  • Brock: Damage dealt by his basic attacks increased from 1,120 to 1,180.
  • Shelly: Gadget Fast Forward’s speed boost increased by 11 percent and both Star Powers boosted
    • Shell Shock’s duration is extended by 0.5 second.
    • Band-Aid’s HP increase adjusted from 1,800 to 2,000.

Those balance changes are welcomed, since all the brawlers affected were either overperforming or underperforming. Dynamike, in particular, might become more popular after his boost, since his weak range compared to Barley was the Brawler’s main drawback. With more movement speed, he’ll also be able to escape enemies in a meta which revolves heavily around mobility.

Meanwhile, another incoming Brawler might shake up the meta. Squeak will be introduced, and he’s a jelly fighter who launches sticky bombs and blobs to wreak havocs in the battlefield. He’ll become available tomorrow, at 2am CT.