Best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile

Need to know what the best SMGs are for Season 5: Tropical Vision? Get your hands on one of these five.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games of all time. Players have the opportunity to get that classic Call of Duty feel anywhere and even on the go. The game comes with almost 70 total unique weapons. This leaves players with plenty of options to learn and master.

While there may be a lot of guns in the game, not all guns are created equal. Often times in first person shooters, there are weapons that out perform others. Whether it is time-to-kill, ammo-count, or recoil patterns, there are a good handful of guns that out class the others in their own sub-type. Currently, many want to know what the best sub-machine guns are in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Here, we’ll go over the five best SMGs and why they are where they are.

Five of the best SMGs in Call of Duty: Mobile

With the launch of Season 5, here are the top five SMGs in CoD Mobile. These guns are in no particular order and are all in a tier of their own. Each of these SMGs is viable in almost all scenarios and dominates COD Mobile lobbies.


One of the best aspects of this gun is its incredibly fast fire rate. It has the second-highest of all guns in CoD Mobile, only second to the Fennec. While the gun has a lack of range, it absolutely rips through opponents in close quarters.

Players can unlock this full-auto SMG at level 45.

4) QQ9

Many lists have the QQ9 on them, and for good reason. While not as high of a fire rate as the MSMC above, the QQ9 makes up for it with its memorizable and consistent recoil pattern. The gun can eliminate foes with four bullets at short distances.

Players can unlock this beast by killing 30 enemies with an SMG while crouched.

3) CBR4

The CBR4 is a familiar piece to many as it used to be the classic P90. Its largest advantage is the massive magazine size with 5.7mm bullets. This gives the mobile SMG stronger penetration capabilities and low recoil. With its respectable fire rate and large magazine, the CBR4 is a real threat in mid and close-range engagements.

Players can unlock the CBR4 by getting 30 headshots on enemies with an SMG.

2) Fennec

Guns with the fastest time to kill typically find themselves at the top of ranking lists. The Fennec is guilty of this. The SMG has the highest fire rate in the game at basically 1100 RPM. In combination with its ridiculous fire rate, the Fennec also has amazing hip-fire accuracy. While its damage per bullet is sort of low, the gun’s fire rate makes up for this and shreds enemies in mid to close-range fights.

Players can unlock the Vector doppelganger by getting 30 headshots with SMGs.

1)PP19 Bizon

One of the best all-around weapons in CoD Mobile. The Bizon may not have the highest fire rate of all SMGs, but it has very manageable recoil and the magazine size of basically an LMG. It even handles similarly to an assault rifle but keeps up the SMG mobility. Enemies will have to reload their weapons twice while the Bizon is still busy unloading.

Players can unlock this LMG mimic by getting 30 headshots with an SMG.

Those are five of the best SMGs in all of Call of Duty: Mobile. With any of these weapons in player’s hands, they can engage any foe or opponent with confidence knowing they’ve got the best of the best.