Best ARs in Call of Duty: Mobile

Get equipped with the best.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most globally popular mobile games of all time, succeeding in bringing the CoD experience to mobile devices everywhere. The game features some of the franchise’s most iconic maps and game modes, as well as its signature weapons.

Like in primary CoD releases, the AR or assault rifle class of weapons is one of the most widely used and also one of the deepest, with over 20 different weapons to unlock and choose from. With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and experiment with all of them. So, we picked out some of the game’s best for you.

The best ARs in Call of Duty: Mobile


Image via Activision

The Man-O-War may look like a clunky, slow-firing AR, but its exceptional built-in damage, accuracy, and range more than make up for its below-average fire rate. The Man-O-War’s damage output makes its time-to-kill requirement significantly lower than other ARs, and attaching the Strike Foregrip will certainly help negate the vertical recoil problem.


Image via Activision

Damage is the key to the DR-H’s popularity and viability. It has the highest damage rating of any other AR at long range and an exceptional amount of recoil control. If you’re a reliable aimer, this gun will take you far, letting you down opponents before they even get close.


Image via Activision

The ASM10 is an exceptional weapon to use when it comes to damage and accuracy. The first three rounds of its burst are fired at a higher accuracy, making it an ideal choice for new players still getting adjusted to aiming. Adding attachments like the Long Shot perk and the Strike Foregrip will make it ruthless and near unstoppable from range as well.


Image via Activision

The AS VAL, with a built-in suppressor, produces a high amount of damage at a manageable recoil. It’s also one of the quickest guns to aim down sights, without the use of attachments. Therefore, it’s best to spend your attachment slots on extended mags and range improvements.