What are secret maps in Lost Ark?

They give some loot.

Image via Smilegate

When testing out Lost Ark for the first time, you’ll get access to tons of content, and you’ll quickly realize the quest journal and the game will consistently guide you through the content.

But not everything will be handed to you. Some other hidden content is also featured in the game and you might miss them if you don’t keep an open eye.

There are secret quests that you can start when investigating certain parts of the environment, and you will sometimes loot keys with an icon of a treasure map in the inventory. When right-clicking them, you’ll get this.

Screengrab via Smilegate

You will get those keys as random loot from eliminating enemies or upon completing quests.

Those scrolls indicate the location of secret dungeons. You might need to open your map with the scroll still open to recognize the part shown in it. Head to the cross sign and wander around until you receive a strange notification.

When you’ll go near the entrance of the secret dungeon, you’ll get a notification with the option “Enter Secret Dungeon.” Press G and you’ll see the portal appear. Then you’ll teleport instantly into the dungeon.

Once in the dungeon, it’ll be pretty straightforward. You can easily run through all of it to go straight to the boss, and then defeat all its enemies at once. They are usually quite squishy and won’t deal that much damage. As a reward, you’ll get random loot including some gear, as well as XP.