The Elder Scrolls Online’s High Isle prologue quests are now live

Get a taste of the storyline ahead of the upcoming expansion.

Image via Zenimax Online Studios

The prologue quest for The Elder Scrolls Online‘s High Isle expansion went live on the game’s servers today. The two quests kick off the narrative that will be at the center of the Legacy of the Bretons cycle in ESO.

The first quest, Ascending Doubt, has players teaming up with Jakarn from the Ascending Tide DLC in a secret mission. The Ascendant Order has kidnapped Guild Scholar Valessea and stolen the medallions she crafted for Lady Arabelle Davaux. Jakarn and the Vestige are tasked with rescuing Valessea and recovering the medallions—and the fate of the Three Banners War may depend on their endeavor.

After finishing Ascending Doubt, ESO will give players the A King’s Retreat quest, in which Lady Arabelle tells her plan. She is hosting secret peace talks to end the Three Banners War, but the Ascending Order is looking to stop them. The medallions function as a key to the meeting, with members from the three alliances, the Fighters Guild, and the Mages Guild invited. Though the game asks you to deliver the medallions, the endeavor doesn’t exactly end well, thanks to some enemy interference.

The two quests jumpstart the storyline that will play an essential role in the upcoming High Isle expansion, which will have a strong Breton theme and take players to uncharted territories. The expansion will launch on June 6 on PC, Mac, and Stadia, while console players will have to wait until June 21.

To kick off the quests, players can purchase the Ascending Doubt quest from the Crown Store, located under the Prologue section below Quest Starters. As is custom with quests, these items don’t cost any Crowns, but are located in the Crown Store for ease of access.

The quest will take players to Vvardenfell, an area part of the Morrowind DLC. That said, Zenimax Online Studios recently made Morrowind available to all players, meaning all ESO players can experience the zone and its storylines without having to pay extra for it. Additionally, they can dive into the Anniversary Jubilee event until April 19 or take advantage of the free play event, which lets everyone try ESO for free until April 26.