The Elder Scrolls Online is free to play until April 26, DLC discounted until April 27

If you're quick, you can still get some cake.

Image via Zenimax Online Studios

The Elder Scrolls Online will be free to play from today until April 26, giving everyone a chance to try out the online take on The Elder Scrolls franchise. Additionally, players who want previous expansions have a chance to acquire them at a discount.

As part of the free play event, players can try the game for free for the next 12 days. If they do intend to buy the title, however, the base edition of ESO—which includes the game and the Morrowind DLC—will be discounted. Other expansions will also be sold at a 40-percent discount, with the Blackwood chapter giving fans access to all previous DLC in one go. This includes Greymoor, Elsweyr, and Summerset. The Deluxe Edition of Blackwood is also available for purchase and consists of the perks from previous Deluxe Editions as well.

The event provides first-timers and returning players alike with an opportunity to dive into ESO, with a series of incentives for all sorts of play. Newcomers can try out the game for free before purchasing and have the chance to buy both the game and its expansions with a cheaper price tag. Veterans can catch any missing DLC ahead of the release of High Isle, scheduled to launch on June 6 on PC.

In addition to the free play event, ESO is also undergoing the Anniversary Jubilee event, which offers players a series of rewards, double XP, and dozens of event tickets to spend at The Impresario. The event runs until April 19, giving fans enough time to participate in the festivities.

Lastly, Zenimax is also offering a series of discounts on Crowns, the in-game currency, though the special offers end on April 20 instead of on April 27. Here is the list of discounts:

  • 21,000—40 percent off
  • 14,000—35 percent off
  • 5,500—30 percent off
  • 3,000—25 percent off
  • 1,500—20 percent off

Both the free play period and the discounts will be available across PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia. Players can purchase the game and its expansions on their platform of choice.