The best crafting and gathering jobs to level up in Final Fantasy XIV

The grind is incredibly faster than for combat jobs.

Screengrab via Square Enix

There are many fighting and crafting jobs to choose from in Final Fantasy XIV, and it can be confusing for new players. In comparison with many other MMOs, this one allows for much flexibility on job choices. Switching between two jobs is as easy as one button, and all of them are pretty well balanced.

On the crafting side, it’s also true—you will find a use for every Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land job. Leveling them up is very important, since they offer functionalities that will improve your game experience, such as Materia melding and Desynthesis.

The best crafting and gathering jobs to level up in Final Fantasy XIV

You have two choices: level all crafting and gathering jobs up at the same time or chose a precise order. If you’re going for the latter option, here are a few recommendations to help you choose.

Disciple of the Land

There are only three options for gathering jobs: Botanist, Fisher, and Miner. Those are useful, each for different reasons, and ultimately, it’ll be useful to have them all leveled up to 80. But if you want to start with only one job to level, we recommend to opt for Botanist first.

The Fisher is the Disciple of the Land job you’ll use less. Some fish are required for Culinarian recipes and even for some gear, but it’s uncommon. On the other side, the Fisher gives access to Ocean fishing, which is a fun activity to test out. It’s easy to get it to level 80, and you’ll earn some cool cosmetic items on the way, including a shark mount, minions, and the “World-class troller” title.

The Miner, on the other hand, provides many items required to craft gear such as ingots, but the NPC sell those in the first levels. The Botanist is important in FFXIV because it allows you to gather wood, which is not always easy to get and sometimes expensive on the market, as well as harvesting plants. It has a good synergy with Blacksmith recipes, a job many players choose to level up first.

Disciple of the Hand

There’s a couple of advantages to leveling up different DoH jobs, and the main one is the synergy from crafting recipes. Many of them include items such as cloth, crafted by a Weaver, leather from the Leatherworker, or wood from Carpenter recipes. So if you have roughly the same levels on all DoH jobs, you won’t need to buy everything in Market Boards and It’ll save you gil. On the other hand, it takes more time and fills up a good part of your inventory, which is an issue you’ll want to delay.

If it’s not your priority but you want the advantages of having one DoH job leveled up, you can focus Blacksmith first. Many players begin with this job, because it allows to craft tools and weapons, which are very useful. Being a metal-related job, it’s also very useful for all base items common with other jobs like Goldsmith and Armorer: ingots, rivets, and other base items that are required in many jobs’ recipes.

Blacksmith also has good synergy with Botanist materials. By leveling them up at the same time, you won’t need to buy many ingredients in the Market Board. If you like ocean fishing and are leveling up your Fisher job, you can also start with Culinarian, because the experience buff from food and stats increase at high level are very useful. The 80 food also sells very well in the Market Board, since they are used for Savage and Extreme raiding. If you want gil, you can never go wrong with Culinarian. And since the recipes usually require many ingredients, it’s even better to focus only on it to save your inventory from being constantly full.