Mag Mell’s New World server was down for maintenance due to absolute chaos

Everything is on fire and nothing is fine.

Image via Amazon Games

Players on the New World US West server Mag Mell were in for a rude awakening during their prime time play when all of a sudden, all hell broke loose.

At the time of writing, there is no explanation as to what caused the server time to jump 20 days into the future. Players immediately started reporting multiple issues, and none of them were small.

Every town was being invaded, wars were instantly won and flipped to the attacker’s side, crafting stations were downgraded, people lost their homes, the server time was wrong, and people were getting Steam achievements for playtime. One player commented on the forum that when they typed /played time that it showed 19 days and 20 hours. Another posted a screenshot of all of the crafting stations getting downgraded all at once.

About 40 minutes after the forum post was put up, the New World team responded and stated that they were going to take down Mag Mell for service. Players on the server were given five minutes’ notice that the server was going down, and gave no timeline as to when it would be back up. The server has since returned, but there are still reported persisting issues.

The map on the left shows the towns before the bug occurred, and the one on the right shows how it looked after the jump.

Image capture via New World

There is no indication as to what broke the server and New World hasn’t given the reason yet. The devs made a post simply saying they were taking it down and rolling back the server to 4:20 p.m. PT and that characters and character data would not be impacted.