How to retrieve Founder’s Pack items in Lost Ark

Get your loot and start playing.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO that launches on Feb. 11. But those who purchased a Founder’s Pack get a head start and can play the game three days early, as well as claim some loot with their purchase.

Founder’s Packs were likely mostly bought for the three-day head start, allowing players to begin playing on Feb. 8 instead of waiting for the free-to-play date of Feb. 11. But there are some in-game perks to be had even for those who purchased the lowest tier of Founder’s Packs.

To retrieve your Founder’s Pack, look in the top-left corner of the game and search for an icon pictured in the red box below. Click on that and it should tell you that you have a Founder’s Pack to retrieve.

Screengrab via Amazon Game Studios

Once you get your pack, it should show up in your inventory. Click on the pack with the mouse button you chose to use for interactions and it will bring up a menu showing you what’s inside. Click open and the contents of the pack will now be in your inventory.

To activate an inventory item, click on each one. Each Founder’s Pack came with different items, so players may have a lot of items to look through depending on which pack they bought.

Screengrab via Amazon Game Studios

The cheapest pack contains a Founder’s Exclusive Pet, a 30-day Crystalline Aura, and a Founder’s Title, while the most expensive pack has a ton of items included in it, such as Royal Crystals, which can be spent in the store, and an exclusive Founder’s mount, among many other things.

Founder’s Packs can be bought on the Lost Ark website. And now that the game is out, the items within can be obtained immediately upon the player’s entrance into the game.