How to initiate a duel in New World

The process is simple.

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PvP is a core game mechanic in New World and makes up some of its most ambitious game modes. There are several ways to PvP in New World, but like other MMOs, dueling is one of the most popular ways.

Dueling allows two players to test their strength against one another whenever they may encounter each other upon their adventure. In New World, players will need to be outside of settlements to engage in a duel.

How to start a duel in New World

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Getting a duel started in the game is rather simple and can be done to any player regardless of whether they are your friend or faction ally.

  • First, hover your cursor over the player you’d like to duel.
  • You should see an “H” come up, press this key to open up the player menu.
  • From here select “Duel Player” from within the menu and if the opponent accepts then you’ll receive a notification that the duel is beginning. If the invitation is declined you’ll be notified of that also.

You can only duel players when outside a settlement and only players who have passed level 10 can join in on the action. Players who haven’t yet reached level 10 will need to continue on their questing before they have the chance to test themselves against other players.