How to get the Eurus Ship in Lost Ark

You'll be sailing like the wind in no time.

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Lost Ark provides players with a plethora of ships to choose from for traveling the sprawling seas of Arkesia, but most fail to beat out the classic Estoque in terms of speed. The ones that do typically cost money or are far more difficult to obtain, but then there’s the Eurus ship. It’s a fantastic ship for short voyages because of its low durability and fast sailing speed and is relatively easy to get.

If you’re interested in acquiring the Eurus for yourself, here’s how.

How to get the Eurus Ship

To obtain the Eurus ship in Lost Ark you’ll need to complete a Daily Una’s Task, if you’re unfamiliar with Una’s Tasks you can press Alt+J to view the menu. The quest you’re looking for is “Ride Like the Wind,” and you’ll see below the name of the quest is a reputation called “Fast Sailing Spring: Eurus.” This is the reputation you’ll need to complete to get the Eurus ship for yourself.

Completing the “Ride Like the Wind” Daily Task can be a bit confusing at first, so here’s a quick guide.

To begin the quest you need to head to Peyto, which is a small cruise ship located east of East Vern and directly south of Pleccia. If you’ve accepted the quest through the Una’s Task menu, once you enter Peyto you’ll see an orange circle on the ground, and after you step over it the Daily Task will begin.

Now you’ll simply need to head to Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, Revelry Row, and Turtle Island. Here’s the location of each of them.

Screengrab via Smilegate

You can also search for any location in Lost Ark by pressing M and using the search bar in the top right of the map.

Once you dock at each of the three Islands you’ll need to walk over the orange circle on the ground. After this has been done at all three Islands the quest will automatically complete. Now you’ll just need to finish this Una’s Task every day until the “Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus” reputation has been completed and you’ll be rewarded with the Eurus ship in Lost Ark.