How to get Respect and Polite emotes in Lost Ark

Two of the most coveted emotes in the game.

Image via Smilegate

Emotes are often an enigma in Lost Ark since they’re used for a variety of reasons.

Two of the key reasons players need emotes are to get their rapport up with an NPC or to complete a particular quest. The Respect and Polite emotes fall into the latter category. Players need to obtain both of those emotes to complete the Luterran Lord side quest. The quest requires players to perform both of the emotes in front of King Thirain.

While some emotes in Lost Ark are easy to obtain, the Respect and Polite ones are not. Both are locked behind separate quests, requiring players to complete two separate quests to then complete the Luterran Lord side quest. It’s a tedious endeavor, but if players want to earn some valuable XP and add to their emote pool, they’ll need to take it on.

Here’s what you need to do to get the Respect and Polite emotes in Lost Ark.

The Respect emote in Lost Ark

First up is the Respect emote, which only becomes attainable after you gain access to your ship and are able to sail to Castle Vern. Here, on the first floor of the castle, you can start the quest “Ealyn’s Gift,” which is offered by the NPC located on this floor. After this quest has been started, simply start tracking it and follow the arrow on the map to the Queen’s room. In this room, you will talk to another NPC that teaches you the Respect emote. That’s one down, one to go.

The Polite emote in Lost Ark

The Polite emote can actually be unlocked earlier than the Respect emote. In Luterra Castle, you can accept a quest called “Becoming a Queen,” which is given to you after you complete a series of other quests in East Luterra. Eventually, the Becoming a Queen unlocks via Vivian, a barmaid in Neria’s Tavern. This quest requires you to speak to a couple of different characters, including King Thirain. The last character you’ll speak to is Anessa, who makes you perform a series of emotes in front of her before ultimately giving you the Polite emote.

After both emotes have been acquired, you can return to the Luterran Lord side quest and perform both of them in front of King Thirain.