How to claim Lost Ark’s Spring Fever rewards

More gifts to enjoy.

Image via Smilegate

There are many resources and tools in Lost Ark to help players win their fights through all of its game modes, from Abyss Dungeons to Guardians. There are also various pools of items to collect to become stronger, such as honing materials after reaching level 50 to upgrade gear or tools to use in combat like grenades and potions.

Amazon Games has introduced another way to give players more opportunities to get those materials in the form of Fever rewards that can be claimed on some weekends.

In April, the developer is celebrating the arrival of Spring in Lost Ark with Spring Fever weekends, giving away free rewards to the players.

Here is how to claim them.

How to claim Spring Fever rewards

The claiming process is very simple, as it’s directly available through the user interface, similar to monthly log-in rewards. here are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to the game and connect to the character you want for the rewards.
  • If there is a Spring Fever reward available, you’ll see a clock on the left of the minimap with a red button appearing in its corner.
  • Click on the clock button.
  • Click on the “Claim Reward” button at the bottom of the tab that appeared.

Generally, those rewards include battle chest items, phoenix plumes, and buff meals.

If the clock doesn’t feature the red button, it means you have no rewards to claim. But upon clicking on it, you’ll see a window appearing that will reveal the schedule of the next reward available.

Players will be able to claim those rewards through the weekends, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. They are a kind of weekend boost rewarding players for spending time on the game on both days.