How to change the guild leader in Lost Ark

Get stronger together.

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Smilegate’s Lost Ark includes a lot of different social features, which are at the core of any MMO game. Guilds are one of them, and they continue to be improved by further updates.

Joining a guild is more than just a way to meet people in the game. The Sylmael Bloodstone currency allows players to buy honing materials and other useful items to progress through the game and upgrade gear, which is one of the main advantages of being in a guild.

But to unlock parts of the Sylmael Bloodstone shop, the guild leader must keep the guild active and level it up through Researches, events, and more. For this reason, it’s important to always have an active guild leader.

Here is how to change the guild leader in Lost Ark.

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How to change the guildmaster in Lost Ark

Follow these step to change guild leaders:

  • Open the Guild menu by selecting it on the Community tab, or by pressing Alt+U.
  • Name the guild member you want to promote to Deputy. To do so, right-click on their name on the Guildmates tab and click on Set Position and then Deputy.
  • Once it’s done, the member can be promoted guildmaster, which means they’ll become the sole leader of the guild.
  • Head to the Manage tab on the right.
  • Click on Change Leader in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  • A pop-up should indicate the name of the promoted Deputy with the sentence “Do you want to promote [member] to Guildmaster?”
  • Press OK.

The guild leader, or guildmaster, has the most rights in the guild. Make sure to inform the member before passing the role to them because they might not receive a clear notification informing them they’ve received the role upon logging in on the promoted character.