How to change jobs in Final Fantasy XIV

It's easier than it looks.

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Unlike other MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV has a unique structure where players are not tied down to just one class per character. Gone is the need for alt characters just to have all of the different classes; in FFXIV, you can play all of them on one character. 

Switching jobs is very easy to do, but leveling up all of the jobs will take quite a bit of time. There are 20 jobs to choose from, which means players will have to level all of them, and some will be easier to level than others because of queue times for DPS versus queue times for a tank or a healer.

Most players go through the story for the first time with one job, but it is possible to switch jobs in the middle of the main scenario quests. After MSQ, players will typically start leveling other jobs to see what they like. Some players like to switch between jobs frequently, and luckily there is a super easy way to do that. 

Players will need to set up gear sets in order to switch jobs quickly. To set up a gear set, press C or open the Character Menu, and then click the gear set button on the top of your character screen, which is indicated by a paper symbol. 

How to add and change gear sets in Final Fantasy XIV

Press the + button to add a gear set. It will add your currently equipped gear to that set and assign it a number. Each time you change your gear, make sure you press the Update gear set button, located in the top right corner of the character screen.

Otherwise, you may put on the old gear and not realize it. 

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Once you have gear sets, there are a few ways to equip them. Players can always go to the character screen and press the gear sets button, then choose whatever set they want to equip.

Another easier way to do it is to pull up the gear sets menu, click and drag one of the gear sets and put it on a hotbar. Then simply click that job icon and it will change your gear set to whatever you have it set to.

Players can even set the bars these gear sets are on to hide by using a macro. Simply make a shared macro and type “/hotbar display #” putting the number after the display. Drag that onto one of your bars and when you click it, it will appear or disappear, making it hidden when you want it hidden, and seen when you need to use it. 

Screengrab via Square Enix

Gear sets can be set for every job in the game, including those of the Land and Hand. There are 35 slots that players can fill, which gives enough for all of the different jobs in the game, including gatherers and crafters.

The more jobs players level, the more gear sets you’ll need to set, but luckily the game makes it pretty easy to switch them up. Players can pick up all the jobs they want and not have to rearrange their gear every time they want to switch with the gear set function.


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