How do you get pets in Lost Ark?

In real life, you take care of pets. In Lost Ark, pets take care of you.

Image via Smilegate

Pets are common in any MMO title, and of course, they’ve made their way to Lost Ark. But in Lost Ark, they aren’t just cute companions that will follow you around: They provide a ton of use to the player.

Pets in Lost Ark will auto-loot items for you, provide buffs and other positive effects, and provide several functions including mailbox checking, item repair, and additional storage.

Want a pet? Of course you do. Here are some of the different ways to get a pet in Lost Ark.

Purchase the Founder’s Pack

We’ve put this option up top since it’s unclear whether you can still buy the Founder’s Pack after the game’s official free-to-play release on Feb. 11.

Purchasing the Founder’s Pack at any level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) includes a Founder’s Exclusive Pet item. Opening the item allows you to select one of three royal-looking cats, in either black, white, or brown. All your Founder’s Pack items will be available to acquire from the Store after you pass the Prologue.

Complete the “Learning About Pets” quest

The “Learning About Pets” quest is an easy-to-accomplish quest that becomes available after completing the “Demons in Prideholme” mission that’s part of the main story.

Go to the Prideholme tavern and speak to the innkeeper, who will give you the quest. Then, you’ll need to speak to both Blueberry and Redberry in Prideholme and accomplish some basic tasks. You can then talk to the pet management NPC, Working Achatemeow, and he’ll give you the White Bunny pet.

Purchase them from the in-game store

Most of the pets you acquire in Lost Ark will be from the game’s in-game store and are purchasable with either Crystals or Royal Crystals.

Players can currently spend 540 Crystals on their choice of Saphia (a fox-like creature with six different color options) or a Helgaia (a bird with four different color options). There are also four different types of Totoiki available, each for 1,300 Royal Crystals.

There are likely other ways to earn pets as you progress through the game and more pets will certainly be added to the in-game store.