Everything to know about Chaotic Chuo, the Field Boss, in Lost Ark

See through the chaos.

Image via Smilegate

While playing Lost Ark, the first instinct of most players will be to rush toward Field Bosses. These aren’t your ordinary monsters, however: they pack a bigger punch and are much harder to take down.

Chaotic Chuo is one of the many Field Bosses you’ll fight against in Lost Ark. Chaotic Chuo is a challenging opponent capable of dealing fatal damage, but studying the encounter beforehand can give you an advantage.

Before you set out to take on this Lion-like Field Boss, you should make sure you have everything you need to on your character and check your repair status. Even if you know the best strategy to defeat Chaotic Chuo, starting the encounter with limited resources can make survival impossible.

Here’s everything you need to know about the encounter.

Where to find Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark

Players looking to take on Chaotic Chuo will need to make their way to the Spring of Echoes at Melody Forest, a part of a limited-time Raid event.

The event rotates around every three days, and the boss has a relatively long respawn time, meaning it may be difficult to secure yourself an encounter with Chaotic Chuo.

Before you start looking for Chaotic Chuo, you’ll need to beat the original Chuo. Players who haven’t taken down the original Chuo can’t battle against Chaotic Chuo since it’ll be invulnerable.

How to beat Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark

Beating Chaotic Chuo becomes easy when you start grasping the boss’ mechanics. While you can learn everything about the boss with trial and error, knowing what to avoid can save you some time.

  • Chaotic Chuo starts channeling an area in front of him, which then becomes an energy blast.
  • When Chaotic Chuo jumps, it’ll deal damage and push players away upon landing.
  • The purple portals that Chaotic Chuo creates explode and deal a high amount of damage when it stands on all four of its legs.
  • Chaotic Chuo deals AoE damage after casting three rings. If you get caught in one of the rings, you’ll be pushed to another one, increasing the overall damage you’ll take.
  • Chaotic Chuo releases six energy balls after charging. These balls also deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Beware when Chaotic Chuo jumps away. It’ll push spikes up from the ground. These spikes deal fatal damage and kill anyone standing on them.
  • When a straight line appears in front of Chaotic Chuo, know that it’s getting ready to charge. Players who stay in its way will get damaged.

Your main focus in the encounter will be to dish out as much damage as possible while watching out for the mechanics above. Keep an eye out for animation windows and your dodge cooldown to ensure you’re not helpless in one of the boss’ damaging areas. If you’re geared enough for the encounter and dodge Chaotic Chuo’s moves, you shouldn’t have much to worry about.