All PvP changes from Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1

Looking for PvP updates with the new Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1? We've got you covered.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The wait is over. Square Enix has finally released the Newfound Adventure patch in Final Fantasy XIV.

In addition to a new set of main story quests that follow the Warriors of Light, this update comes with a plethora of content that affects the entire game. With a new raid, new extreme trial, new housing, and more, players won’t have trouble finding things to do in the Newfound Adventure patch.

The PvP community also sees a pleasant and healthy update with the release of this patch. Here are all of the PvP changes that have arrived in the world of Hydaelyn.

All Newfound Adventure PvP changes

PvP players, rejoice. There’s been a complete overhaul of the PvP experience within Final Fantasy XIV. Many things added in the Newfound Adventure patch are welcomed quality-of-life changes within PvP areas that the community will appreciate.

Largest change

One of the coolest changes is the addition of the small team based matches available via the Crystalline Conflict.

Within this objective-based PvP conflict, players are put into teams of up to five and pitted against one another to maintain control over a crystal. This crystal must be transported to a specific location during the chaos of the fight to win.

Square Enix announced three arenas for these conflicts to take place: The Palaistra, The Volcanic Heart, and Cloud Nine.

To participate, players must have completed the “A Pup No Longer” quest for their Grand Company. Players who have completed the quest before this update do not have to do it again.

This the largest update that comes with the Newfound Adventure patch and players will have a good time duking it out five-vs-five in these great looking arenas. Players can find more specific details on the new game mode in the Patch 6.1 notes.

PvP action changes

Square Enix added some new PvP actions with the release of this patch. These actions are spells or weapon-skills that are associated with specific classes or jobs.

  • Guard
    • Reduces damage taken by 90 percent and grants immunities to various effects.
    • Duration: Five seconds
    • Movement speed is reduced by 50 percent.
  • Standard-issue Elixir
    • Restores HP and MP to max.
  • Purify
    • Removes various effects.
    • Grants resilience if it removes one of the various effects.
    • Resilience: Nullifies status afflictions that purify can remove.
    • Duration: Five seconds
  • Sprint
    • Increases movement speed.
  • Recuperate
    • Restores own HP.
    • Cure potency: 15,000

PvP area and duty adjustments

  • Maximum HP and MP for all jobs has been adjusted.
  • Job gauges no longer display.
  • Damage modifiers for both damage taken and dealt have been adjusted on a per-job basis.
  • Damage taken and dealt will no longer be subject to RNG.
  • Resistance effects will no longer be applied upon the expiration of status afflictions.
  • The appearance of the flying text that accompanies damage dealt will now change based on target condition.

The full patch notes are available on the Final Fantasy XIV website. The Newfound Adventure patch is full of many different additions to the game and includes many welcomed changes to PvP areas and arenas.