How to find Diamonds in Minecraft

The deeper you go, the more you'll find.

Image via Mojang

It’s tough to find a more well-known sandbox game than Minecraft. The title developed by Mojang officially made its debut in 2011 and has since gained millions of fans from around the world.

In Minecraft, players are allowed to partake in plenty of different activities. And with the game regularly being updated, the fun and new features seem to never stop.

But one of the major occupations when playing Minecraft is obviously mining. Deep down, you’ll find plenty of vast resources, like Coal, Iron, Gold, and, most importantly, Diamonds. Getting your hands on your first Diamonds is a milestone of every Minecraft playthrough, and frankly, it doesn’t seem like that will change. Diamonds are pivotal to building your equipment and developing many structures.

Thus, Minecraft players have always been trying to figure out the best way to find Diamonds. And with the newest 1.18 update, which went live at the end of 2021, the way to do so changed a little.

In the 1.18 patch, several enormous changes were implemented to the game’s world generation. Since the update, players are allowed to dig even deeper, all the way to the -64 level. The caves have become home to new monsters and have become even more complex.

Luckily, there weren’t that many changes in terms of Diamonds in Minecraft. The most important rule still stays the same. They start spawning at level 15, so begin your search for the valuable ore at this level. But to maximize your chances of finding Diamonds, you should dig as deep as you can before reaching bedrock. The further down you are, the higher the chances are that Diamonds will spawn.

Once you reach bedrock, it’s best for you to start mining ahead, as long as your pickaxes can take it.

Last but not least, players will need to remember to dig themselves, not just explore the mines generated by the world. This is because in the 1.18 update, Mojang added a “reduced air exposure” mechanic to Diamonds, meaning they have a chance of not spawning next to an air block. Thus, you may not always find the ore when exploring caves. It’s best to look for them by digging yourself.