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Hope Summers in the comics
Image via Marvel

Best Hope Summers decks in Marvel Snap (April 2024)

A new hope is coming.

In the Marvel universe, Hope Summers is an omega-level mutant. She can copy the powers of other mutants near her but can use them in more powerful ways. In Marvel Snap, where she debuted during the Avengers vs. X-Men season, she has an ability that will pave the way for possible explosive plays in the mid to lategame.

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Here are the best Hope Summers decks in Marvel Snap.

Hope Summers abilities, explained

Hope Summers is a three-Cost, four-Power card with the ability: “After you play a card here, you get plus one Energy next turn.” This ability can be gamechanging when used correctly, with the added bonus Energy a huge boost for any side.

You can get Hope Summers as Marvel Snap’s March season pass card, making it only available if you get the season pass for $9.99 or you buy the Premium+ version for $14.99. But if you don’t want to spend real money, you have to wait until next season once Hope Summers becomes part of the regular token shop rotation.

Strategy and best combos for Hope Summers decks in Marvel Snap

Hope Summers’ ability works straightforwardly. You just need to play another card on its same location to gain the bonus Energy in the next two turns. But there are some standouts when it comes to taking advantage of its Energy-producing effect.

Cards that benefit from having unspent Energy are the best candidates in terms of synergizing with Hope Summers. This includes Sunspot (for gaining additional Power for every unspent Energy you have at the end of each turn), and She-Hulk (for costing one less for each of your unspent Energy during the last turn).

The evolved versions of Misty Knight, Cyclops, and Hulk also work well with Hope Summers when you have unspent Energy. Misty Knight gives plus one Power to one of your units, Cyclops inflicts negative one Power to up to two of your opponent’s units in the same location as it, and Hulk stacks plus two Power every end of the turn (as long as it is in your hand or play).

Hope Summers is another great addition to Ramp decks. The bonus Energy it can provide may give you the chance to play multiple high-Cost cards while possibly forcing both you and your opponent to only play one card each turn courtesy of Sandman.

Playing Kitty Pryde every turn from turn four onwards on the same location as Hope Summers can ensure you to have the bonus one Energy while also boosting the former’s Power in the process.

Best Hope Summers decks to play in Marvel Snap

Thanos Mockingbird

Marvel Snap Thanos deck
Thanos is here once again. Screenshot via

One of the decks where Hope Summers can be used is in a Thanos Mockingbird deck. Here, the bonus energy the mutant can provide is beneficial to play more cards, specifically for the Infinity Stones given by Thanos which can help you play Mockingbird easier.

All of the six Infinity Stones provide various utility abilities for your side, such as drawing cards, changing locations, moving units, inflicting negative Power to your opponent’s cards, lowering the Cost of a card, and more. As for the finishers in the deck, you can use Devil Dinosaur, Vision, Blob, Alioth, and Skaar.

Caiera is there to protect your one and six-Cost cards from destruction threats, while Mobius M. Mobius ensures that both Mockingbird and Skaar will trigger their Cost-reducing abilities. Cap off the deck with the literally unstoppable Jeff the Baby Land Shark and Psylocke, which can also give you bonus Energy.

High Evo Float

Marvel Snap High Evo Float deck
More energy, more power. Screenshot via

This list uses High Evolutionary creations that revolve around conserving Energy. With Hope Summers’ presence, there is a bigger chance of having more unspent Energy, making the abilities of the High Evo creations more consistent and effective.

Hulk and She-Hulk are the main finishers, while Cull Obsidian can be added since you have one-Cost cards like Sunspot, Nebula, and Misty Knight to play early. Aside from Hope Summers, you can use Cyclops and Magik for your mid-game.

Sera Control 2.0

Marvel Snap Sera Control 2.0 deck

Sera is still a reliable engine. Screenshot via

Last but not least, the return of the reliable Sera Control deck. Hope Summers’ ability to give one bonus Energy can be big for Sera users, especially in establishing offense for your locations despite having no high-cost finishers.

The main Power sources in this deck are Angela, Bishop, and Hit-Monkey. All of them rely on playing other cards to build up Power. Dazzler and Elsa Bloodstone, on the other hand, can give you significant boosts of you have full locations.

Shang-Chi and Ms. Marvel add offense and defense to your locations thanks to their abilities, while Gladiator is a guaranteed high-Power card with a drawback ability.

How to counter Hope Summers decks

A major counter for Hope Summers is Professor X. Its ability to shut down a location prevents both players from adding or removing cards. This means if Hope Summers and Professor X are in the same location, you won’t be able to play cards there.

The lockdown scenario is also the case for Storm since it floods a location. This makes the next turn the last turn both players can play cards there.

Hope Summers decks’ current state in the meta

The Thanos Mockingbird deck is the top meta deck where Hope Summers is used. She allows more high-Powered cards to be played in the lategame more consistently, especially if you can reduce Mockingbird’s Cost as much as possible.

The High Evo Float and Sera Control 2.0 decks have cemented themselves as reliable engines as well, but they don’t have quite the same power as the Thanos deck, so if you want to grind the ladder, that is the better choice.

Is Hope Summers worth pulling?

Yes, Hope Summers has a lot of potential to be a great tech card to some of the game’s most popular and consistent decks. The bonus Energy can unlock options for you, especially if your deck’s strategy relies on playing multiple cards. Its three-cost, four-power stat line is also a decent Power booster and is not a drawback.

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