Riot outlines Legends of Runeterra balance goals for future updates in Patch 0.9.0 notes

Devs have a plan.

Legends of Runeterra Heart of Fluff Poro
Image via Riot Games

Balancing the deck meta is an arduous undertaking for any digital card game. But Legends of Runeterra devs created a plan to ensure that every card is viable.

LoR developers gave fans some balance updates in today’s patch notes, explaining their goals for maintaining a stable meta. To make sure every champion and non-champion card is viable, as well as all regions, Riot is sticking to specific guidelines. This will also influence what patches look like when new card sets are introduced after the game’s official launch.

“While buffing cards in pursuit of these targets is the fun part, we will also power down cards where necessary,” Riot said. “We fully plan to monitor changes, rather than drop them and forget…  Additionally, we plan to approach balance with a seasonal mindset, adjusting our methods as the meta goes through different stages between sets of new cards.”

To achieve these goals, LoR devs will make sure every champion, non-champion, and region has at least one “competitively viable” deck that they can flourish in.

And whenever a new set is released, every patch that follows will focus on changes to curb the outliers. The first patch after a set will make “medium-sized” changes to clip any anomalies. The second balance patch will make significant updates to “underutilized” cards, as well as any major champion updates. And the third balance patch will simply focus on stabilizing the meta before the next set of cards is released.

LoR fans interested in reading the full patch notes can click here.