NA Legends of Runeterra players experiencing server issues with error code 170000

Players are locked out.

Legends of Runeterra Eager Apprentice
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Players seeking to log into Legends of Runeterra this morning have discovered they can’t due to a 170000 error code. 

Scheduled maintenance was set for LoR today, running from 9am CT to approximately 1pm CT. Riot said that players might not be able to log in during the maintenance work. But those who haven’t logged into Riot’s new digital card game recently may have missed this message. There’s also been confusion due to the 170000 error code.

Screengrab via Riot Games

This isn’t the first time LoR players have seen a 170000 error code when attempting to log in and play. Around three months ago, a similar code appeared that prevented select EU players from being able to access the game. 

A 170000 error code is typically related to overloaded servers, but it can mean there are other ISP issues involved as well. After the previous incident, a Riot team member jumped on Reddit to explain that the error was specific to those in Poland. 

“There are actually two separate issues leading to this error code, ONE of which was specific to Poland,” the Riot team member said. “We had some ISP issues but were able to get in touch with them to resolve. There are some other issues we’re still investigating, but Polish players should now generally be able to get in game.” 

At time of writing, Riot has yet to comment on the recent error. Once the scheduled maintenance is complete, players should be able to log in and start climbing the ladder again before the April 30 reset with the launch of LoR out of open beta.