Lux buff breathes new life into Legends of Runeterra Demacia region

Barrier spells are the new combat trick of choice.

Legends of Runeterra Lux
Image via Riot Games

Riot increased the power and health of Lux in today’s Legends of Runeterra patch notes, possibly expanding her effectiveness when paired with either the Ionia, Noxus, or Piltover and Zaun regions. 

The Demacia champion hasn’t seen much gameplay since the LoR open beta released. But with her recent buff, top streamers and Master tier ranked players might give Lux shot. Prior to her stat increase, Lux was a 3/4 who leveled up to a 4/5. Now she’s a 4/5 who levels up to a 5/4. And when she’s played or levels up, Lux also has Barrier. 

“Lux’s weaker stat-line made it a little too difficult to utilize her as a linchpin, ‘build-around-me’ card,” Riot said. “Buffing her stats will help her ability to both stick around as an engine and act as a meaningful threat on her own.”

For a champion who produces a zero cost Fleeting Final Spark that deals four damage to an enemy unit upon leveling up, Lux has the ability to eat away at an opponent’s late-game strategies. And her Final Spark has Overwhelm, carrying damage over to an opponent’s Nexus if the target has less than four health.

Lux’s buff changes are ideal in a Control build with Heimerdinger, or even Ezreal and Karma. Top LoR streamer Mogwai has a solid Control build worth checking out, utilizing spells like Detain with Purify, in conjunction with Heimerdinger and Lux as champions.

But there are Midrange possibilities too with champions like Draven, Katarina, and Fiora. There’s even a jank brew option with the recently buffed Yasuo. With the recent LoR Back-to-Back and Deny nerfs, using Burst spells with Barrier might be worth crafting, no matter what champion Lux is paired with.