Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.1 introduces a new Lab, Lab of Legends

Fans of Roguelikes will find this Lab delightful.

Image via Riot Games

The upcoming patch for Legends of Runeterra will bring an exciting new experiment to its casual environment and the second single-player experience. The newest experiment, Lab of Legends, is joining LoR this week alongside United Front and Quick Draw as the other two Labs for players to dive into.

The Lab of Legends gives players an initial choice of eight different champions with a premade deck built around them. As you claim victory, you’ll be matched against AI with scaling difficulty and gain new cards, passive abilities, and items that will grant you strength on your run.

The first single-player experience in LoR, Journey to the Peak, featured runs that could play out similarly due to the stagnant card rewards and encounters. But Lab of Legends will see runs play out differently each time due to the vast number of choices that can appear.

This format is similar to other Roguelike games like Slay the Spire or Hearthstone’s Dungeon Run mode.

One major aspect to consider in how you approach this experiment is that your Nexus health will persist throughout different matches and will only be refilled after you encounter a boss. This means that careful and calculated play should reward you as you progress through your runs.

Similar to Journey to the Peak, LoR players can obtain multiple icons for claiming victory on the champion that they selected in Lab of Legends.

Lab of Legends will be playable when LoR Patch 2.1 drops tomorrow, Feb. 3.