Legends of Runeterra’s Yuumi contains new keyword, Attach

The broken potential of Yuumi is real.

Image via Riot Games

Yuumi will officially join the Legends of Runeterra roster of champions within the upcoming expansion release of A Curious Journey

Scheduled to release on Feb. 16 via Patch 3.2, the LoR expansion A Curious Journey will contain the champion Yuumi and a new keyword called Attach. Revealed by Riot Games during the second day of A Curious Journey spoilers, Yuumi is a three-cost 2/2 with dual regions in Bandle City and Targon. She’s a Fae with the LoR keyword Attach, which buffs the stats of the unit she’s attached to, similar to an Equipment in Magic: The Gathering


Level one Yuumi grants the unit she’s attached to +1/+1. If she’s not attached to a unit, she gains the +1/+1 bonus stats on top of her 2/2 baseline stats. Yuumi levels up when she or the unit she’s attached to attacks three or more times. 

Level two Yuumi has Spellshield and Attach. Upon leveling up or at the start of a round, Yuumi level two grants the unit she’s attached to Spellshield and +1/+1. If Yuumi isn’t attached, she grants herself Spellshield and +1/+1 on top of her 3/3 baseline stats. And Yuumi’s spell is Yuumi’s Prowling Projectile, a Fast speed spell that deals one damage to any unit and grants an ally +1/+0. 

The Attach LoR keyword has the champion or unit get played on an ally upon entering the battlefield. It gives the attached unit the stats and keywords of the champion or unit with the keyword Attach while attached. When that ally leaves play, Yuumi or the unit with Attach is recalled. 

Yuumi could be especially strong on Targon units like Wounded Whiteflame and the new A Curious Journey Fae, Assistant Librarian. She synergizes with the Targon champion Pantheon and has synergy via Recall with the Ionian champion Ahri. 

Players can test out Yuumi and her Attach keyword when A Curious Journey is released on Feb. 16. 

All images via Riot Games.