Legends of Runeterra Shadow Isles’ potential grows with Nocturne support cards

Mistwraith and Ephemeral builds have new weapons.

Image via Riot Games

The full Nocturne package was revealed in today’s Legends of Runeterra spoilers, featuring more Ephemeral and a Burst two-cost tutor spell. 

Today’s LoR spoilers for the Call of the Mountain expansion introduced four spells tied to the Nocturne package: Nocturne’s Unspeakable Horror, Stalking Shadows, Shroud of Darkness, and Risen Mists. 

Image via Riot Games

With the addition of Nocturne comes the new keyword, Nightfall. It seems like it might have the potential to be good, but that remains unknown due to the lack of Nightfall cards revealed so far. Shroud of Darkness and Nocturne’s spell, Nocturne’s Unspeakable Horror, seem somewhat lackluster.

Stalking Shadows has the most potential as a two-cost Burst spell that allows a player to pick a follower from the top four cards of their deck. You then draw that follower and create an Ephemeral copy in-hand while the other three cards get shuffled back into the deck. Stalking Shadows is essentially a tutor spell that draws two for two. And it synergizes with the Hecarim Ephemeral theme that can also benefit Elusive packages from regions like Ionia or Bilgewater. 

Risen Mists was another standout spell, despite being limited to just dominant Shadow Isles builds. As a four-cost spell, Risen Mists summons a Mistwraith at Burst speed. On its surface, it seems expensive. But its potential in a Mistwraith deck—combined with Stalking Shadows—may trigger Troop of Elnuks flashbacks for some players.  

Nocturne and his support package in the new Call of the Mountain set will be released on Aug. 26.