Legends of Runeterra adds Lee Sin support units and spells in Ionia spoilers

Wild combos can dragon punch an opponent into oblivion.

Riot Games introduced Lee Sin as the new Legends of Runeterra champion in Ionia today along with eight new spell and summoner cards. 

Riot continues to step up the power levels in LoR leading up to the digital card game’s official launch on April 30. In conjunction with Lee Sin being announced as the new Ionian champion, his support units complete a dragon cycle to assist the blind monk.

Riot also revealed four new spells that are meant to help Lee Sin level up and demolish any opponents that stand in his way.  

Tail of the Dragon is a three-cost 3/2 unit that transforms into a spell (Concussive Palm) when Recalled. The new spell Retreat recalls a unit while creating a Fleeting Return spell in hand, of which Return allows a player to summon an ally from hand that costs three or less. At the cost of four mana, Concussive Palm stuns an enemy and summons Tail of the Dragon. 

And on a smaller scale, Scales of the Dragon creates a Dragon’s Protection upon being summoned. This is just a small taste of the LoR combo shenanigans associated with the units and spells that support Lee Sin in the Ionian region. Most of the spells have been assigned a rarity, meaning they can be played in multiple archetypes while supporting other strategies. 

All images via Riot Games.