Here’s every Legends of Runeterra nerf and buff in Patch 1.11

A number of cards were adjusted in the second CoM balance patch.

Legends of Runeterra Grandfather Rumul
Image via Riot Games

A total of 11 Legends of Runeterra cards are either getting nerfed or buffed in Patch 1.11. 

There are slightly fewer balance changes in LoR Patch 1.11 than the 1.10 update, but still numerous. The live design team announced two weeks ago that players should expect adjustments to Aurelion Sol, Hush, and Grandfather Rumul. Changes were applied, along with nerfs and buffs to several other LoR cards that could shake up the meta.

From Inspiring Mentor to Bastion, here’s every balance change taking place in Patch 1.11. 

Champion balance changes

Aurelion Sol was the only champion affected by the LoR 1.11 balance changes. The dragon was slightly nerfed, changing his Level-Up text to “allies have 25-plus total power.” Providing “more room” for players to interact with Aurelion Sol, according to the LoR live design team, the dragon should still be a strong finisher. 

  • Text was changed to “Round End: Your allies have 25-plus total power,” as opposed to the previous “20-plus power.”

Follower balance changes

From long-term problematic cards like Radiant Guardian to new additions such as Jack the Winner, both detrimental followers were hit with a nerf. Inspiring Mentor was given a buff and a nerf, while Petty Officer had a revert. In total, seven followers were adjusted within Patch 1.11. 

Radiant Guardian

Gaining five life from Radiant Guardian has been a persistent issue within the LoR meta. She often wins games based on her Lifegain ability, which has led to her power being reduced to four.

  • Power reduced from five to four.

Inspiring Mentor

Ionian Aggro builds took a big hit the last time Inspiring Mentor was adjusted. In an effort to “give Ionian Aggro decks a bit more early power,” the tea-loving follower who grants an ally +1/0 stats was given a power increase while also suffering from a health decrease.

  • Power increased from one to two.
  • Health decreased from two to one.


A buff was applied to Pix to “create more opportunities for support decks to do their thing,” according to the LoR team. 

  • Health increased from one to two.

Jack the Winner

Jack the Winner has proven himself in the meta, often as a card that slows games down while creating removal via Sleep with the Fishes. His health was nerfed by one, so players have a better chance of removing him from the battlefield.

  • Health decreased from six to five

Petty Officer

Petty Officer was buffed in Patch 1.4, increasing her health. With the Gangplank/TF build dominating the LoR meta at the moment, her health has been reverted back to one. 

  • Health decreased from two to one.

Grandfather Rumul

Often passed over, Grandfather Rumul was shown some love with a buff to his “Play” ability. 

  • Adjusted to “Grant two allies +0/+4,” instead of a single ally. 

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat was provided a “general usability buff” that should improve the goat of Targon as a “potential target for buff-heavy decks.” 

  • Health increased from one to two. 


A total of three spells were adjusted in LoR Patch 1.11. And the changes applied to all three will have a major impact on the meta. 


Hush was on the hot seat for Patch 1.11. Able to Silence champions, the spell is a must-have in a number of decks. Wanting to keep Hush as a core spell in Targon, the live design team increased its Fleeting cost by one. But the adjustment is temporary. Another balance change for Hush is scheduled to take place in Patch 1.12, which will “remove Hush’s repeatable aspect entirely and reduce its cost.” 

  • Fleeting Hush created in hand costs one more after Silencing a unit that round. 
  • It was previously “Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting Hush in hand.”


Bastion was a three-cost spell that only provided an ally Spellshield for that round in which it was cast. Hoping to improve Taric builds, the spell now grants an ally Spellshield in addition to +1/+1 stats. 

  • Changed to “Grant an ally +1/+1 and Spellshield.
  • It was previously “Give an ally Spellshield this round.”

Cosmic Inspiration

Able to refill spell mana after casting Cosmic Inspiration was a huge plus. But those days have come to an end since the spell only grants allies everywhere +2/+2 stats now without the mana refill. 

  • Now only grants allies everywhere +2/+2 if you Behold a Celestial card.
  • The previous text said “If you Behold a Celestial card, grant allies everywhere +2/+2. Refill your spell mana.”

The next LoR update, Patch 1.12, is scheduled to take place on Oct. 14. Patch 1.11 will go live on Sept. 30.