Victorious Aatrox is League’s 2019 ranked skin reward

The Darkin Blade was a huge pick over the past year.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed the skin that players can earn by placing in Gold or higher at the end of the 2019 League of Legends ranked season.

Aatrox is joining Orianna, Graves, Maokai, and Sivir as the next Victorious skin. His Victorious skin is clad in blue and purple with a giant gold and white sword. He looks majestic for a world-ending demon.

Image via Riot Games

Additionally, if players are able to reach Gold or higher in two or more ranked competitive queues, they’ll also get a special chroma. Players can hop into some ranked flex and ranked Twisted Treeline to win another token to remember this season by.

Aatrox has been a heavily-influential pick this year in solo queue and in the competitive scene. Players from all over the world, from Korea’s LCK to North America’s LCS, have picked Aatrox to dominate their lane and help their team win the game.

Image via Riot Games

Ranked season rewards have also been tentatively announced for Teamfight Tactics, although Riot is still finalizing the specifics. When they’re ready, you’ll retroactively earn the award based on your final rank from this season. You’ll also earn a Victorious Pengu emote that’s based on your rank.